6 Steps to Organizing Digital Pictures Forever

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6 tips

I have a lot of pictures.

I am a scrapbooker.

Pictures are important to me.

I am an organizer.

Therefore my pictures (thousands of them) need to be organized on my computer, on my photo printing website and in hard copy.

If you don’t already organize your pictures or are looking for some other ideas you have come to the right place. The steps below are how I organize both pictures on my computer and on Snapfish, which is the site I use to print my pictures from for my scrapbooks.

Here are my top 6 steps for organizing your pictures digitally.

  1. Designate a time weekly or monthly to download pictures from your devices (cameras, phones, tablets). We live in a busy digital world and maybe you never intend to print those pictures out, but how would you feel if those pictures were gone forever. You need to save them somewhere besides just the device they live on. You can download to your computer or a photo sharing site. Just download them.
  2. Spend time once you download them creating and sorting them into folders. I have a folder on my computer titled, “unsorted.” If I don’t have time right when I download them I put them there to be sorted later.
  3. Create main folders for reach year. These will be the folders you see when you first open up your computer drive that is titled pictures. We have a main folder for every year going back to 2008.
  4. Create subfolders within each yearly folder and title them for each month of the year.
  5. Within those subfolders leave all the pictures that were taken that month. However, if there are a lot of pictures from certain events within that month I will make subfolders. For instance within July I save all the general pictures taken in July and then I have folders titled, “Cassidy’s birthday,” “Amelia’s birthday,” “4th of July” because I want those separated out. I have three exceptions. Christmas has a main folder and subfolders titled by year. For items we are selling that we took pictures of I have a main folder titled “items for sale” and I have a main folder for “minuteswithmeg images.”
  6. Upload the pictures into a photo sharing/storing website. I use Snapfish and upload them into the exact same organization folders that I use on my computer.

You might be wondering how I organize the printed pictures.

I do something similar. They are chronological because that is how I like to work on my family and daughter’s scrapbooks. I picked this container up at the Container Store.

6-Case 4" x 6" Photo Storage Box

I have also seen them at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, where of course you would use a 40% off coupon. They work great for storing pictures.  I just use a note card to write what year and the event and it goes between sets of pictures within each plastic case.

Getting your pictures organized is important even if you aren’t addicted to pictures and scrapbooking like me. If you need to find a picture of something quickly this will make it easier to find in a matter of minutes. No more scrolling through hundreds of images on a device, and bonus—you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your device. All it takes is a little time to make this part of your routine.

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