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In honor of my birthday, I wanted to share with all my readers five of my favorite things right now. I plan to make this a more regular edition to the blog because I am always finding new things that I love.

And when I love something I want to share it with all of my friends.

In the past, I have just assumed that everyone else knew about the products that I love because I’m usually the last to know things. I am definitely not a trend setter.

Over time, I have realized that is not the case, and it would not be fair for me to keep my favorite things a secret.

This month I have five things that immediately came to mind that I knew I had to share. Here they are in no particular order.

Body Glide

If you have never heard of Body Glide and you live or travel anywhere that it ever gets hot, then you are seriously missing out. This product was introduced to me by my husband years ago when we were preparing for one of our trips to Disney World. Body Glide looks just like deodorant, but it is not. It is the perfect anti-chafing solution. I don’t care if you are big or not – if you have any part of your body that rubs together when you move – you need this.  I am “privileged” enough to have inner thighs that rub together. It is super awesome in the summer when it’s hot and muggy out when you’re wearing shorts or even a skirt. To prevent the uncomfortable rubbing together and chafing I simply rub on the body glide in the morning, and I’m good to go.

If you have a generous chest area, you will also find Body Glide is effective at eliminating chafing in that region. Even if you have a small chest, it is useful to rub Body Glide right where a sports bra rubs. This has prevented many bright red sores that I used to get after a long, hot summer run.

Body Glide is not just for women. Men can use it similarly to women and in other chafing areas of their body.

Whether you are a runner, a walker, or just sick of chafing you absolutely must check out Body Glide. They sell it in pink and blue containers, but they are the same. It’s just a marketing ploy to make Body Glide more gendered.

BodyGlide For Her .8 oz

Wizgear Universal Stick on Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder and Mount Metal Plates

This neat little gadget is perfect for easily mounting your phone in your car. There is a simple piece of magnetic metal, not dangerous to your phone that you place on the back of your phone. You attach the base in your car in a visible, but not intrusive location, and away you go. All I have to do is sit down in my car and set my phone there. My phone stays in place safely, and if I’m using it for directions, I can easily see them. I use it so much that now my daughters don’t think we can listen to music unless it is in place.

WizGear Universal Stick On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-snap Technology

Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive for Magnetic Cradle-less Mount -X4 Pack 2 Rectangle and 2 Round (Compatible with Magnetic mounts) 4 Pack


Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 Plus Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

There are lots of brands of Bluetooth speakers, some better than others. I received this one as an early birthday gift from Brian. He wanted me to have it before our long car trips this summer. I use it in the car to better listen to my podcasts, which I am addicted to. I can easily transport it into the house to listen to podcasts and music while I am cleaning, cooking, etc. In the past I listened to everything through my phone, but now the sound quality is so much better and louder. We even took the speaker with us on vacation.

glow party
Glow Party with Kidz Bop music

It provided good background music when we played games and provided the music for our last night Glow Party that was AMAZING.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Edition 10W+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Richer Bass, 30-Hour Playtime, Dual Proprietary Drivers for Superior Sound, Water Resistant IPX5 Wireless Speaker


Drawer organizer

This is the only item on my list this month that was not bought or recommended by Brian. Hmm, I guess he knows what I like. This organizer I found at The Container Store back in 2009. (They are no longer sold at the container store, but I found a similar one on Amazon- link below) I initially bought it to better organize my desk at work and since then bought another one for my junk drawer at home.

The majority of people have some sort of junk drawer, depending on how organized you are as a person will determine how “junky” it looks. A junk drawer can be very practical. It is a great place to store random things in a kitchen that you need to have readily available. I support having one, but I think it should be organized. Otherwise, you will spend more time looking for things in it than you saved by moving the items closer to the kitchen.

This particular organizer is expandable, so it fits in many size drawers. If your drawer happens to be larger than the organizer I recommend getting some non-slip matting for underneath it to make sure it doesn’t move.

I also have one of these organizers in our bathroom drawers to organize ponytail holders, hair clips, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc.There are a lot of great uses for these organizers.

mDesign Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Silverware, Spatulas, Gadgets – 12″ x 7″ x 2.3″, Clear



OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

If you like avocados, you should have this tool. As a person who is on a mission to declutter and simplify my life, I’m usually not in the business of recommending gadgets. However, if you eat avocados often, I think this one is actually worth the space in a kitchen drawer. This avocado tool cuts the avocado, gets the pit out and slices the avocado into nice thin slices easily. Perhaps, if you are a chef, you can manage to peel and cut an avocado much better than myself. For me, this has been a lifesaver not to cut myself, not have my fingers completely covered in avocado and clean up rather quickly.

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, Green


Look for more favorites and recommendations coming this fall. If you already have one of these products or you purchase one now, let me know what you think.


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