Birthday Letters of Love

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birthday letters-facebookI’m an emotional person who shares my feelings best in written communication.

Coincidentally, I also enjoy receiving written communication. I think it’s because when something is written I can always go back to it. I can reread it and have that initial feeling of love all over again.

As a scrapbooker I spend countless hours reminiscing about events and memories as I preserve pictures and design layouts for my books. Memories are so important to me. I know over time my memory will fade and I will forget some of the things I never thought I could.

In addition to preserving the memories through pictures I wanted to have more written down. I wish I had the time and dedication to journal every day, but I don’t. I have recognized my limitations and found a happy medium.  A few years ago I began writing a letter to Cassidy on her birthday. Then on the day that Amelia was born I began her letters. Since their birthdays are only 2 days a part I have a lot of reflection in that one week a year!

I write a letter, yes in my own handwriting, no computers necessary. I find it easier to be honest and in the moment if writing with pen and paper.

Plus, I know I personally treasure handwritten notes, recipes, etc. from deceased family members and I assume my children may be the same someday.


There is no script I follow in each letter. I simply write to my daughter about their year, what I love about them, what things they are doing and loving right then.

These are things I may not remember 10 years down the road, but in that moment they were important enough to make into a birthday letter.

I usually get a little emotional as I write the letters. I reflect on the amazing people my daughters’ are becoming. It is absolute wonderment that God chose me to be their mom. The most emotional letter I wrote thus far was on Cassidy’s 5th birthday. I sat 2 days post-partum in the hospital with Amelia. Guaranteed those post-partum emotions played a role in that. I was just so happy for how complete our family felt and for watching with awe the love that Cassidy instantly had for her new sister.

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Over the years I have heard so many stories about parents who knew they were dying. They were able to make videos or write letters to their young children to read someday when they are older. These stories always pulled on my heartstrings and made me wonder. There are far too many parents who die and didn’t have the opportunity to make videos or write letters because they didn’t know their time on earth would be over so soon.

It may sound morbid, but this is another reason I write these letters. If something were to happen to me while my children were still young, I would want them to have something tangible like this to hold onto.  I never want them to doubt my love. They need to know I felt honored to be their mom. I want them to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed every (okay almost every) minute I was able to spend with them.

God willing I will be here to see my children grow up—I have no reason to believe I won’t, but we don’t know God’s plan for our lives.

I do not have a specific age that I will give my daughters’ their letters. I figure I will know when the time is right. For now the letters are tucked safely away for that time. I  hope my daughters will treasure them as much as I have treasured writing them.

While I commend those people who are able to journal every day I know that is not realistic for me. However, I have found a great way for me to journal for my kids once a year. I can honor them on their birthday.

Do you do something like this or have you? Share your ideas.

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  1. Just to let you know (I am reading this late) I was just going thru my office and old papers and I have been reading some of the notes that my children have left me over the years, letters that were written and it was awesome tear filled memories. Love you

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