Blue Apron- Is It Worth It?

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blue apron review

It is no secret that I am frugal and it is no secret that I HATE menu planning.

A while ago my sister suggested I try out Blue Apron ($30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order), one of the many meal delivery services. She had not tried it herself, but thought it might be worth a try for me since I hate menu planning so much.

I checked out the price, and it seemed expensive and an extravagance that we could not afford as we focused on paying down our debt.

It’s a crazy thing how the Internet works. Once you investigate something online the Internet knows to advertise to you and send emails. I received an email offering a huge discount for the first week of Blue Apron to try it out.

If you’ve ever considered trying one of these meal services out, now is the perfect time. Blue Apron has allowed me to offer you $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order. Just be sure to click on the link to receive this great deal.

I debated it for about half a second and realized it was the perfect opportunity to finally check out Blue Apron and see what it was all about.

Below is a list of the pros and cons that I identified along with my ultimate decision on if we will continue using Blue Apron.

(spoiler alert: I will- sometimes)


  • The food is delivered on a day of your choice (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday)
  • You have options on number of people you need to serve (2 person or family)
  • You make preferences known prior to food delivery ( vegetarian, no seafood, etc)
  • Food is packaged and labeled well- easy to put right into the refrigerator when it arrives
  • Packaging keeps food cold for a long time- no need to worry if it comes in the morning and you don’t get home until evening
  • Food is fresh and high quality
  • Recipe is easy to follow and usually takes about 30 minutes from start to finish
  • Food tastes great and has a lot of flavor
  • Blue Apron app is easy to use – important when deciding to skip a week or change meal options
  • Encourages you to try new foods and flavors that you might not have tried otherwise
  • You get to look like a fancy chef with minimal work (Brian was impressed each night)


  • Portion size was small for Brian (he’s 6’4 so he needs more food than I do)
  • Price is high per meal if you’re used to bargain shopping ($59.94/week for 3 meals)
  • If you get the two-person meals, you have to make something separate for children to eat
  • There is still prep and cook time involved
  • Limited choices each week – there are 6 choices a week, but choosing one may eliminate others as options

Overall, Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed each meal we ate with Blue Apron and we have had four of them so far. I have learned some great new recipes and tips for cooking that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

blue apron salmon meal
Tangelo & Honey-Glazed Salmon with Farro, Apple and Crispy Rosemary

Yes, the price is higher than what I would usually spend to make dinner at home, but it’s also cheaper than eating out. The price averages out to $9.99/person per meal.

I will continue to keep our Blue Apron account open and there are three specific times I will turn to Blue Apron to help me out with my cooking.

  1. When I am in a recipe rut, bored with all the recipes we have on hand, and don’t want to look for any new ones. Blue Apron will deliver to my door three great recipes with all of the ingredients that I don’t even have to think about it.
  2. When we are busy and have limited time to plan meals or grocery shop. Blue Apron will do all the shopping for me. Additionally, I only need an average of 30 minutes to cook the healthy and delicious meal. At least Blue Apron will allow us to eat healthier than eating out usually would and at an affordable price.
  3. When we are just returning from a vacation. I always find it challenging to get back into the cooking and grocery shopping game after vacation. However, if my Blue Apron order is waiting at the door I know dinner will be ready for the first few nights.
blue apron pork burger
Smoky Pork Burgers with Roasted Vegetables and Piquillo Pepper Sauce

Blue Apron is not for everybody, but it’s worth trying out and seeing if it’s for you. We will continue to utilize it in the above mentioned scenarios; however, I’ll be sure to add a little more meat or sides for Brian so he doesn’t have to supplement his dinner later.

If you try out Blue Apron, be sure to let me know what you think.  Remember $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order



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