Emergency C-Section is Only the Beginning

If you haven’t read “Do You Really Need a Birth Plan,” you will want to start there. This is the second part in a three-part series.

Once I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia our plans for the night drastically changed.

I have never seen movement that fast.  We went from a calm, quiet labor and delivery room where we watched TV to Grand Central Station. Someone asked Brian if he had a camera. He ran to the car to get our hospital bag, which we didn’t think we’d need. While he ran to the car and called our families, I was signing paperwork and getting an IV put in all at once. Those nurses and doctors move fast when they have to.

We have no pictures in the “cute” hospital gown during labor, no final pictures of us as a family of two. The only picture before Cassidy’s birth is an empty labor and delivery room. The aftermath after they quickly rolled me into surgery.

hosptial room

Brian snapped this picture minutes after I was wheeled out for surgery.


It still gives me chills to remember that day and those moments. The fear I had when the doctor said I was so sick, and the baby was coming. I was alone with nurses prepping me, the anesthesiologist talking to me and explaining things, shivering while they did the epidural. Brian was busy getting our stuff and putting on scrubs.

I know how afraid I was, I can only imagine the fear he had for both me and Cassidy at that moment.

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Do You Really Need a Birth Plan?

At the risk of alienating some of my readers I will say it…..why bother with a birth plan?

This is a three part series. I’ll talk about birth plans, epidurals and the stories of my children’s entrance into this world.

Part 1: “Do You Really Need a Birth Plan”

Part 2: “Emergency C-Section is Only the Beginning”

Part 3: “Epidural? Yes, Please”

In July I have a lot of opportunities to reflect with my birthday, my wedding anniversary and both my daughters’ birthdays.

Every year on Cassidy’s birthday I get a little emotional as I reflect on how exactly she entered this world and how I was very scared.

Luckily, with Amelia, I wasn’t scared, and I reflect on her birthday as a joyful and relaxed experience. Funny now if I had to describe my children as they are at this moment Cassidy would be the calm, relaxed one and Amelia would be the hyper, strong-willed one. Their births could not have been more different, and today their personalities could not be more different.

Why I’m glad I didn’t have a birth plan.

My doctor never suggested we have one.

Pinterest didn’t exist (coming on the scene months after she was born) which meant I didn’t yet realize that a child could not be born without one.

Quite honestly I was living in denial about how exactly that wonderful kicking little being was going to depart my body and enter the world.

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BRAVERY: A lesson learned from my daughter

bravery title

My nearly eight-year-old daughter has taught me more about being brave than I have learned in nearly 37 years of life.

I’ve heard the phrase, “do it scared” before, but I didn’t fully appreciate what that meant, and the power of doing it scared until now.

Back in January, Cassidy brought home the list of after school specials for spring. We went through as always to decide which ones she could attend. The last one on the sheet was a try-out for the school talent show. Cassidy insisted she wanted to sign up for that one as well.

I asked what her talent would be, and she didn’t know, but she wanted to sign up for it. We decided to let her sign up and knew we had four months for her to figure out an act or back out of the event. Honestly, I didn’t think there was any chance she would do the try-out when it came time to do it.

I am by no means saying my daughter is not talented because she most certainly is. However, her talents are not the sort that can be easily demonstrated on a stage.

We talked about a few options she could do, but I had concerns with all of them. Cassidy is a very sensitive child. She doesn’t mind the attention, but her feelings can get hurt very easily. She just feels so strongly. It makes her the most empathetic person I know, which is great. However, as a mom, I’m constantly trying to protect her feelings. You can’t even tell a funny story that involves her because she thinks you’re laughing at her instead of at the situation or circumstances.  She has a hard time differentiating laughter with her versus at her.

As a mom, my concern was how she would do being on stage in front of her whole school and what if people laughed. I wanted to protect her. Then she and Brian started to work on her routine.

You’ll never guess what it was going to be.

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How To Get the Most Out of your Summer

summer fun title
The days are getting longer, the temperature is warming up, and the kids are counting down the days until school is over.

This can only mean one thing . . .

Summer is coming.

Whether you work full-time outside of the house, stay home with your kids, or work from home you have to admit summer still feels different than every other season.

If your kids are in school, there is a different mood in the summer. Even if you work all day and day care/summer camp drop off and pick up is the same time as during the school year, it is still different. Sunrise is earlier, sunset is later, and there is no homework to be done at the end of the day.

I find myself acting more like a child in the summer than any other time of the year.

Clean the house or sit outside and read a book – is that really a choice?

Make dinner or play at the park? I’m always picking outside play which means dinner is usually much simpler and later than normal.

girls at playground playing

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4 Reasons to Organize Kids’ Stuff Simply

Do you organize your kids’ toys so that everything has a place and all like items are together?

Have you wanted to do that, but not had the time yet?

Well stop stressing because there is absolutely no need for it.

In fact if you do that you are preventing your children from developing some important life skills.


You are needlessly driving yourself crazy every time they put things away “wrong.”

I’m sure you’ve seen those perfectly organized kids’ rooms on Pinterest. Some have cute little labels for every basket and fabric bin that resides in the room. There are spaces with all of the Legos sorted by color. How about the beautifully designed and organized craft areas where everything has a place and it looks perfect?

Yep, I’ve seen them too.

As a lover of organization I drool over those rooms and how amazing they look. Then I come back to reality. Those rooms will not work in my house with my kids.

And that’s okay.

If I choose, I can organize my own spaces that way, but those will not work for my children.

I have four HUGE reasons why you shouldn’t try to organize your kids’ spaces Pinterest perfect.

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