Hack your child’s morning routine to get out the door on time


Step into almost any home on a weekday morning and I bet you catch at least a little rushing around. Sometimes A LOT of rushing around.

I don’t care how much you prepare it doesn’t always go right.

There are days that everything goes smoothly, but then there are a lot more days when something or everything is amiss. Be sure to check out 5 steps for reducing chaos in the morning for other tips

When Cassidy was three years old we were having a lot of difficulty in the mornings.

At that time Brian was working days and commuting an hour to work. He was gone by 6:45 and we were out of the house not long after at 7. It made for chaotic mornings. Cassidy has always been an early riser (and I mean early- 5:30) and she loves watching television in the morning. You can judge me, but her watching television allowed us time to get ready without having to entertain a 3 year old.

The only problem was that she would watch television and then zone out and not get ready. We would end up raising our voices and saying hurry up way too many times.

“Hurry up and get dressed. Hurry up and brush your teeth. We’re going to be late. You’re taking too long.”

We would get frustrated with her and she would get upset with us. It made for a bad start to the morning.

I’m not proud of how those mornings went. I’m a rush around and get things done person, but Cassidy is a slow moving enjoy the world kind of person. I love that about her, but it also has been the source of much frustration for this fast-moving mom. God definitely gave me the right children to teach me patience.

So after way too many frustrating mornings Brian came up with the solution.

I’m not sure where he got this idea, but in my book he’s a genius. He made a morning chart for Cassidy. We laminated it and got a dry erase marker for her. This way she knew what she needed to do every morning before she could watch television. She still got to watch television, but not until the other items were done.

DSC_0078 (7) DSC_0031

It was amazing. What a change it made in our lives.

She still continued to get up early, but she followed the chart, watched television and was ready to go when we were. If she got up later and there wasn’t time for television it was what it was—but that was rare.

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