Use Google Calendar to Keep Track of Your Family

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google calendar pinterest Google calendar is amazing and helps to keep our family functioning well.

I have tried many calendar systems over the years—notebooks, organizers, day planners, palm pilot – yes I’m showing my age again etc. For one reason or another I always seemed to struggle with them.

I really love paper calendar systems, because I love to write things down. I also believe that the human brain remembers more of what we physically write down. However, paper calendars are not always with you and I found myself having to wait to schedule things until I was near my calendar.

Now that I have a smartphone –6 months now and I still wonder how I functioned before it – I always have my calendar with me now. We actually started using Google calendar before I got a smartphone.

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How a paper calendar can help your family get organized

paper calendar-pinterestIt’s amazing to me how busy and confusing the schedule for one family of 4 can be—and we only have a 6 year old and a 23 month old.

I can’t even imagine families with 5 kids in school with extra -curricular activities survive. (Shout out to my mom!)

When Brian and I were first married our calendar consisted of one of those free calendars (small squares to write in) that we got from church every December. We would put it on the refrigerator and jot down important things either of us had coming up that would impact the other (dates with friends, traveling, etc.)

Once Cassidy entered the picture we continued with this calendar for a while, but our needs for a bigger more robust calendar system grew. It wasn’t until Amelia joined our family that I knew I needed a different solution. By this time Brian worked shifts, overtime and attended trainings—his schedule constantly changing. This in turn made the girls’ daycare (each of them going somewhere different) schedule fluctuate and then of course there were all the other things each of us were involved with.

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