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Annual Budget Recap and Financial Goal Setting

Most people start their New Year’s resolutions on January 1.

I would argue there is some fault in this logic. Yes, it’s a brand new year, but it also seems to be the busiest time of the year.

Personally, I’d like more time to reflect on the past year before I make plans for the new year. That cannot possibly happen in any meaningful way in the month of December.

Plus, when it comes to financial goals the final numbers aren’t in until the clock strikes midnight on December 31.  Then if you’re (crazy) detailed like I am you want some time to review those numbers before you make goals and decisions for the year ahead.

In the Midwest, where I live, it tends to be cold and dreary in January. With no big plans on the calendar it’s the perfect time to grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and reflect and plan for the year ahead. If you have been budgeting for any amount of time, then you owe it to yourself to do a budget recap once a year.  This budget recap allows you to review where you were spending your money, how much and make informed decisions and realistic goals for the year ahead.

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Our Journey to Financial Freedom

financial freedom-our journey

I like money!

Okay, phew I said it.

Sometimes it feels wrong to admit that, but it’s true, I want financial freedom.

To me financial freedom is never caring when payday is because you have enough money in your accounts to cover your bills, it’s having no debt, it’s saving money to go on family vacations, it’s the ability to give to causes and people that we care about.

I would love to someday be that person who has money and gives generously everywhere. I’d love to give anonymously to families in need locally. I don’t want recognition for my giving, but I want to see that the money I am giving is directly impacting people. These goals are what keep me on track financially.

We’ve had a budget since the day we were married and boy, has that budget changed over the years.

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