The big, bad, B word…yes you guessed it BUDGET

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Ever wonder where your money goes?

Does it seem like you’re living for payday and then immediately after payday you are all out of money?

I do not believe that money buys happiness, but I do believe that money can buy comfort and help other areas of our life be easier to manage. I’m not talking about winning the lottery type of money; I’m talking about a good solid income and some savings in the bank.

Imagine a life where it doesn’t matter if payday is a Tuesday or Friday.

You’re not waiting anxiously for payday in order to pay bills, buy groceries, fill your car up with gas, or sign your kid up for soccer.

I have always been a manager of money. I think in a past life I was an accountant because I love managing money.

Our first budget involved a spreadsheet, and then I went to a binder with each category having its own “account.” For a while I dabbled in Quicken, but found that having to go to the office computer to rectify accounts was annoying and it just wasn’t happening.

I really preferred the paper and pencil method until……

I am as my husband calls me, “a Dave Ramsey fangirl” and on his podcast (Dave Ramsey’s not my husband’s) he was talking about his new FREE budgeting program, Everydollar last spring. It launched in March and I finally, reluctantly, decided to give the Everydollar budget tool a try in June. I maintained my paper ledgers for a month while I tried it out just in case I didn’t like it.  It was exactly how I was budgeting on paper, but so much easier. The system is real time, web-based. I didn’t even have to be on my home computer. I could log in anywhere and so could Brian (in theory).  Once I bit the bullet and got a smartphone (December 2015-yes I know I waited a long time-remember I’m cheap frugal) I was even more sold on Everydollar.

They have an app for iPhone which is simply amazing. I can now update my purchases as I make them.

I’ll be honest, I was an easy sell on the program because I was already budgeting, but I talk to others about it all the time. I convinced my sister, who has never been a strict budgeter, to check it out. She has now converted to budgeting and loves it.

Everydollar is a budgeting tool for budgeters and non-budgeters alike.

I cannot stress it enough—

you need to have a budget. Why not set up a simple Everydollar budget.

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Our Journey to Financial Freedom

financial freedom-our journey

I like money!

Okay, phew I said it.

Sometimes it feels wrong to admit that, but it’s true, I want financial freedom.

To me financial freedom is never caring when payday is because you have enough money in your accounts to cover your bills, it’s having no debt, it’s saving money to go on family vacations, it’s the ability to give to causes and people that we care about.

I would love to someday be that person who has money and gives generously everywhere. I’d love to give anonymously to families in need locally. I don’t want recognition for my giving, but I want to see that the money I am giving is directly impacting people. These goals are what keep me on track financially.

We’ve had a budget since the day we were married and boy, has that budget changed over the years.

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