How to Completely Organize Your Home in One Year, and not feel overwhelmed

There is no end to organizing.

I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth.

Just like there is no end to cleaning or laundry or making meals. As long as you live there will always be more to do.

You will find more peace in your life the sooner you accept this as a fact.

While there is no end, it doesn’t mean we can’t strive for more organization in our lives. Says the woman who loves to organize.

organized home in 12 months

For 2018, I have decided to try a new tactic for my organizing so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am going to tackle one room/area each month. Some are going to take a lot less time than others, so I will plan those accordingly.

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4 Reasons to Organize Kids’ Stuff Simply

Do you organize your kids’ toys so that everything has a place and all like items are together?

Have you wanted to do that, but not had the time yet?

Well stop stressing because there is absolutely no need for it.

In fact if you do that you are preventing your children from developing some important life skills.


You are needlessly driving yourself crazy every time they put things away “wrong.”

I’m sure you’ve seen those perfectly organized kids’ rooms on Pinterest. Some have cute little labels for every basket and fabric bin that resides in the room. There are spaces with all of the Legos sorted by color. How about the beautifully designed and organized craft areas where everything has a place and it looks perfect?

Yep, I’ve seen them too.

As a lover of organization I drool over those rooms and how amazing they look. Then I come back to reality. Those rooms will not work in my house with my kids.

And that’s okay.

If I choose, I can organize my own spaces that way, but those will not work for my children.

I have four HUGE reasons why you shouldn’t try to organize your kids’ spaces Pinterest perfect.

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Eliminate Paper Clutter


It’s everywhere and it is probably one of the biggest culprits of messing up your living spaces.

There are papers from school, mail, bills, papers from day care, papers from work, receipts, and on and on.

If your home is anything like ours, you are dealing with hundreds of pieces of paper every week.

Paper clutter is one of the biggest concerns people have in keeping their homes tidy.

Everyone has a hot spot in their home that always seems to be covered in papers and stuff.

If you could just find a solution for paper, your life would feel more organized.

I have the answer.

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A Laundry Room Overhaul Part II

laundry-room-overhaul-2If you have not yet read “Laundry Room Overhaul Part I” be sure to read that first. This is the conclusion of a laundry room makeover. We pick up this overhaul where we left off, step 4.

Step 4: Assess what is left into three piles: KEEP, THROW AWAY, DONATE/SELL

This is where the bulk of the time went on Saturday. It was exhausting for everyone, not just my mom. We positioned my mom at one table with a chair and she had a garbage bag and two boxes near her so she could sort items. My sister and I kept bringing more things to the table as she worked through it. We helped her, but ultimately it was her decision on what was kept, thrown away or given away.

This sorting and decision making took hours to complete. It really is the bulk of any organizing/decluttering project. It can be and was physically and emotionally taxing.

At one point as I was organizing piles to bring to my mom she shouts from the kitchen,

“Don’t mind me, I’m just throwing away your childhood in here.”

Ouch, except it didn’t sting, it just made me laugh.

Apparently, my entire childhood was tied to the plastic popsicle molds she had stored in her laundry room cupboard for over 30 years.

There was so much laughter that day.

Here is our conversation about one of the TWO fondue sets we found.

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