There is power in words,whether they are negative or positive.

Don’t underestimate the powerful impact a power phrase, or mantra, can have on your life. I firmly believe you have the power within yourself to change your attitude and outlook on life.

I was recently listening to a podcast, The Chalene Show by Chalene Johnson, where she was talking about power phrases. Side note, she is a great motivator and always has great topics between her two podcasts, The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe.

I saw the episode title and it got my attention. Embarking on this new blogging business adventure I thought that was exactly what I needed, a power phrase. Halfway through the episode I was contemplating “stealing” the power phrase of the women in the story Chalene was sharing. I couldn’t think of a better one and hers was great, but then it hit me.

I already had a power phrase, and didn’t even realize it. (more…)