Birthday Angst

birthday angst

Happy Birthday!

Or is it?

As a kid, we count down the months and days until our birthday for nearly six months before. We tell everyone we know our birthday is coming up even if “coming up” is still a month away. For some people, birthdays continue to be a time of excitement, joy, and celebration forever. For others, they can be challenging and sometimes depressing.

I distinctly remember my 20th birthday being very difficult for me. I can’t exactly pinpoint why it was. Perhaps it was the notion of leaving my teens and starting my twenties. I was very sad and melancholy around that birthday. It’s not like my life was depressing. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. I was dating a great {editor’s note:  amazing, wonderful, and handsome} guy who I would later marry. I had friends, a summer internship and overall life was good, but I struggled with that birthday.

birthay girl

20th Birthday. It was much harder than it looks.

I would have to say since that time the easiest most carefree and upbeat birthday I have had was my 25th birthday. On that birthday I was a week away from my wedding, I was celebrating my bachelorette party and life was great. I may just have been too busy to even focus on my birthday.

Fast forward to present day, and I still struggle with my birthday.

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1 Trick to Achieve Your Goals

goalsYou have a dream, a goal, a plan, but how will you achieve it?

Whether you want to start up a successful business, run a marathon, climb Mount Everest, or learn to cook a 7-course gourmet meal, there is one surefire way to improve your likelihood of success. And it’s not difficult.

You MUST learn how to time block.

Time blocking is simply the process of setting aside time in your day and week for specific activities to happen at specific times.

I have found this trick to be absolutely imperative to my success in juggling my full-time job along with my side hustles, blogging, and teaching.

Advantages to Time Blocking:

Increased Focus: When your most important work is scheduled into your calendar you can focus on one thing at a time. You don’t have to worry about emails while you are playing with your children because you have blocked a specific time in your day to handle emails. Time blocking will allow you better focus in all areas of your life.

focused child

Increased Productivity: When you have a specific time blocked for a specific activity, barring any true emergencies, you will be more productive. You will not be distracted and your productive increases. Additionally, you will be able to schedule certain activities at certain times of the day to reflect your most productive times. For example, I know it takes less mental energy for me to respond to emails, yet for years, that is how I would start my day. My most productive time of day is in the morning so to give that time up to an activity that doesn’t require as much mental energy was not good planning. Now, I schedule my content writing for the earlier hours of the day when I am most alert and focused. Emails can come later at night or during my afternoon slump.

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BRAVERY: A lesson learned from my daughter

bravery title

My nearly eight-year-old daughter has taught me more about being brave than I have learned in nearly 37 years of life.

I’ve heard the phrase, “do it scared” before, but I didn’t fully appreciate what that meant, and the power of doing it scared until now.

Back in January, Cassidy brought home the list of after school specials for spring. We went through as always to decide which ones she could attend. The last one on the sheet was a try-out for the school talent show. Cassidy insisted she wanted to sign up for that one as well.

I asked what her talent would be, and she didn’t know, but she wanted to sign up for it. We decided to let her sign up and knew we had four months for her to figure out an act or back out of the event. Honestly, I didn’t think there was any chance she would do the try-out when it came time to do it.

I am by no means saying my daughter is not talented because she most certainly is. However, her talents are not the sort that can be easily demonstrated on a stage.

We talked about a few options she could do, but I had concerns with all of them. Cassidy is a very sensitive child. She doesn’t mind the attention, but her feelings can get hurt very easily. She just feels so strongly. It makes her the most empathetic person I know, which is great. However, as a mom, I’m constantly trying to protect her feelings. You can’t even tell a funny story that involves her because she thinks you’re laughing at her instead of at the situation or circumstances.  She has a hard time differentiating laughter with her versus at her.

As a mom, my concern was how she would do being on stage in front of her whole school and what if people laughed. I wanted to protect her. Then she and Brian started to work on her routine.

You’ll never guess what it was going to be.

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Open Letter to: Night Shift Police Wives

police in uniform saluting

To the other night shift police wives*,

You are not alone.

Somewhere there is another first responder’s wife feeling the same way you are. She wonders just how she’ll make it through – just like you are.

We’re all trying to navigate this crazy life we were given and to support our husbands. All of that while taking care of our families. It’s not always easy.

Sometimes you feel on top of the world like you can handle anything on the home front and the dangers of his job don’t worry you one bit. Sometimes you feel like you’re cracking at the seams and you fear for his safety every hour of his shift.

It’s normal, and you’re not alone.

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Want to Achieve your Goals- State Them Publicly

I firmly believe that stating your goals publicly is a HUGE step in pushing yourself to achieve those goals. It is far too easy to push deadlines for accomplishing our goals later if no one knows about them.

acheive your goals

Think about it. Have you ever had the goal to lose weight or complete a project in your home?

I’m sure in your head you imagined a timeline for completing that goal. [I bet if you didn’t ever mention that goal or when you wanted to complete it to anyone other than yourself you probably didn’t accomplish the goal by your initial date.]

Some of you may have eventually completed the goal, but probably not by your initial timeline. Most of us either keep pushing the completion date out or we give up on the goal completely.

I know this process well because I have fallen victim to it so many times myself. You would think that since I know the power in publicly stating my goals that I would always do that.

Ha, that’s just not human nature.

The honest truth is that some of our goals are big, scary goals and it’s downright frightening to admit what they are to other people. Worse yet to put a timeline to accomplishing them. Why?

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