6 Vacation Packing Tips that Make Packing Easy

A vacation of any kind is exciting and to ensure the excitement lasts as long as possible we even begin our packing early. Of course, there are steps to our packing and if you follow these vacation packing tips you will not start your vacation stress-free.

a car fully packed for vacationVacation Packing Tips Step-by-Step

Step 1: Designate a spot in your house as the packing zone.

This zone can be set up for a month before your vacation. Again, it helps with maintaining the vacation excitement for more than the few days or week your vacation will last. We always use the futon in our office, and we put up a temporary folding table. Whenever we encounter something we will want/need on vacation, we put it in the packing zone. As we buy things for vacation, we add them to our packing zone.

clothes organized in the packing zone

Step 2: Organize items into packing categories.

Whatever categories you used for your packing list should be how you organize the piles for this step.  We organize by category, and for clothes, we arranged by person. For instance, we will group by carry-on items, toiletries, Amelia clothes, Cassidy clothes, etc. If you are looking for a packing list to get your started, check out our Essential Walt Disney World packing list, even if you aren’t going to Disney World it’s a great starting list for a family vacation packing list. I also have the packing list as an excel document so you can edit it.

packing piles


Do You Really Need More Organizers?

Getting organized is a tricky thing. You don’t have to buy organizational systems, baskets, drawers, etc. to get organized. I know you think you can’t be organized without them, but it’s not true. The websites, blogs, and ads don’t fully explain that with their flashy pictures of organized spaces and amazing organizational systems.

Yes, of course, the organized spaces they feature in ads and online are beautiful. However, those pictures are also trying to entice you to buy a product. The goal is to convince you that by purchasing the product your space will magically be transformed into looking equally as beautiful.organizing toters on shelves

I have bad news for you…. It won’t.

There is more to organizing than just buying an organizational system.

Before you buy any organizers, I encourage you to ask yourself three simple questions.


Two Amazingly Simple Uses for Pillowcases

pillowcases uses title

Pillowcases have simplified my life.

And they can simplify yours too.

I am not kidding either.

I know two amazing uses for pillowcases that may change your life.

Okay, it might not change your life, but it will most certainly make life a little bit easier.

One use is for cleaning, and one is for storing.

  1. Cleaning – more specifically cleaning ceiling fans.

    ceiling fan

If you are like me, you don’t get around to cleaning your ceiling fans very often. In fact, I get around to it once I start to notice the dust accumulating on them. Or worse yet when the dust starts flying off the blades when turning it on for the first time in the summer.


If you clean yours more regularly, that is great, and perhaps you won’t need this trick as much as the rest of us who have layers of dust accumulating.


Now if you clean as “often” as I do then you know there are a lot of dust particles that float around the house after cleaning the fan. It doesn’t matter if I use the Swiffer wand, a rag, etc. there always seems to be loose dust – until now.


4 Reasons to Organize Kids’ Stuff Simply

Do you organize your kids’ toys so that everything has a place and all like items are together?

Have you wanted to do that, but not had the time yet?

Well stop stressing because there is absolutely no need for it.

In fact if you do that you are preventing your children from developing some important life skills.


You are needlessly driving yourself crazy every time they put things away “wrong.”

I’m sure you’ve seen those perfectly organized kids’ rooms on Pinterest. Some have cute little labels for every basket and fabric bin that resides in the room. There are spaces with all of the Legos sorted by color. How about the beautifully designed and organized craft areas where everything has a place and it looks perfect?

Yep, I’ve seen them too.

As a lover of organization I drool over those rooms and how amazing they look. Then I come back to reality. Those rooms will not work in my house with my kids.

And that’s okay.

If I choose, I can organize my own spaces that way, but those will not work for my children.

I have four HUGE reasons why you shouldn’t try to organize your kids’ spaces Pinterest perfect.


Eliminate Email Overload


Does your email inbox permanently have over 100 messages and you’ve just accepted that as your fate?

Is email taking up too much of your time

Are you overwhelmed just looking at your inbox?


Then take a few minutes to read these few tips and you might just find that there is a solution and it’s not that hard or time consuming.

Step 1:

Go to and create an account. Trust me you will love this. (it won’t work for some email addresses. It sadly does not support my work email)

Step 2:

Follow all of the instructions on because it will show you all of the subscriptions you have and for each one you get to decide whether you want to leave those emails in your inbox, include them in your roll-up email or unsubscribe.  If you include them in the roll-up email you will receive one email daily from that you can scroll through to see which subscription emails you want to spend time opening or not.


Stairway Clutter: Eliminate it FOREVER

stairway clutter imageHot spots.

Have you heard of them?

After extensive walking or running you can develop a hot spot. It occurs when a particular spot on your foot continually encounters friction of some sort and a blister forms. If you ignore it, the blister becomes bigger—annoying and painful to both the touch and to look at.

Similar to a hot spot on our skin we all have hot spots in our houses.

That one or two or maybe even more spots where stuff tends to accumulate. The spot, if ignored, gets bigger, more annoying, painful to look at, and overwhelming to deal with.

One of my family’s hot spots is the stairs going to the 2nd floor of our house.

Cassidy’s bedroom is upstairs as well as our office. Any time we have something that needs to go upstairs we just throw it on the stairs. The idea is that every time you go up you should be carrying something with you—ha that’s laughable. U everyone climbs over the stuff to get upstairs or already has their hands full before they even get to the pile.


6 Steps to Organizing Digital Pictures Forever

6 tips

I have a lot of pictures.

I am a scrapbooker.

Pictures are important to me.

I am an organizer.

Therefore my pictures (thousands of them) need to be organized on my computer, on my photo printing website and in hard copy.

If you don’t already organize your pictures or are looking for some other ideas you have come to the right place. The steps below are how I organize both pictures on my computer and on Snapfish, which is the site I use to print my pictures from for my scrapbooks.


Perpetual Calendars, never forget an important date again

perpetual calendarDo you know anyone who always seems to remember your birthday?

And I mean even before Facebook reminds them of it?

Have you ever wondered how they did it?

I’m not sure how they do it, but I know how I do it and I am willing to share my secret with you.

It’s called a perpetual calendar.

I have a pretty good memory and can usually remember what month someone’s birthday is in. However if you are not my immediate family I am likely to forget the actual date. This is where a perpetual calendar becomes useful.

A perpetual calendar is a small calendar that only has dates on it with blank lines next to the dates. You only put things on there that never change dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If you can’t remember Christmas or New Year’s you could put those on there, but forget about all the other holidays they change yearly.

Our perpetual calendar has all of our family member’s birthdays with birth year (it helps so we can tell when a big birthday 40, 50, etc. is coming up) and their anniversaries with year of marriage. Of course, we have many friends’ birthdays on there too.