Creative Christmas Card Ideas

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Have you ever gotten one of those Christmas cards that makes your jaw drop?

Not because of what is written in it, but how it is written.

I have.

Some people just have a gift for creativity and writing.

creative Christmas card ideas

Honestly, to me it doesn’t even matter if you’re not a great writer, I still love getting your Christmas card. I love to hear how families are doing and see the kids growing.

There are many ways to approach writing your Christmas letter if you choose to do so, which you must have chosen, otherwise, why are you reading this?

You can write a simple letter about what each member of your family has been up to. It’s informative, but not necessarily the most creative. We sent this type of letter for several years.

Of course, if you are like me, you try to write the letter, so it is informative, but not bragging.

This can be a difficult thing to achieve because typically we want to share the highlights of our year. No one wants to read my letter if it’s depressing and talks about how horrible our year was.

There is a way to find that balance, if you’re willing to be a little more creative than the generic “what we’ve been up to letter.”

Creative Christmas Cards we’ve done:

Top Ten

We highlighted the top ten events from the year in 2013.

Christmas Letter 2013

A year recap in numbers

We used a template from Shutterfly and recapped 2014 using mostly numbers and short memories. This year’s card also included a QR code that when activated had the whole family wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Christmas card 2014

From the perspective of our youngest

In 2015 Amelia was 1 ½, and I wrote the Christmas letter from her perspective with a little spin. She was telling our friends and family the “True Story of the Gerkens” not the version her parents were sharing with everyone.

Christmas letter 2015

Twitter style

I wrote our Christmas letter in multiple 140 character tweets including hashtags. We thought fully embracing modern technology in 2016 would be fun.

christmas card 2016

Other Creative Card Ideas we have not yet tried:

  • Write the letter from your pet’s perspective
  • Make the letter a quiz where the reader has to guess the family member who did each thing
  • Make the letter into a game (think life board game)
  • Top ten list of places you visited or things you’ve done
  • Use song lyrics or a famous book/story and change it around to your family’s story for the year
  • Make your letter the front page of a newspaper with important headlines
  • Write a poem
  • Use an acronym
  • Announce the year’s awards to different family members- make them funny, not pretentious
  • Write the letter with your child (think Mad libs)
  • Do a famous quotes letter. If you keep track of quotable things that your family says throughout the year use those.
  • Write it as a letter to Santa
  • Write the letter as if you are canceling Christmas and why
  • Make a crossword puzzle
  • Police mugshots with what the family member did to get into trouble, of course, they will be funny.
  • Write it as if each family member is a superhero and what their superpower is, who their enemy is, etc.
Christmas card
2016 Christmas Card

Ultimately, it does not matter how you write or design your letter as long as you enjoy doing it. It’s a great opportunity to share your creative side and share what your family has been up to for the last year as well.


Please share in the comments below what other creative Christmas card ideas you have.

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    1. Ooh. I can’t wait to see which one it is. Our 2017 letter is in only in our heads for now, but the goal is to complete this weekend. Picture part is done. We couldn’t beat the Black Friday Snapfish price paired with Ebates cash back!

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