Why I cut back on TV and why you should too

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television remoteI cut back on television vieweing and it has allowed me to follow my dream of starting my own business.

I wonder what it could do for you.

Have you ever thought about it?

I’ve never really been a television addict, but I enjoyed it just as much as the next person. Brian and I had our shows that we watched together.  I had some shows I watched regularly by myself and of course there was the mindless television watching of reruns and HGtv. I may have been an addict for HGtv. It may be a problem when even your young child knows your favorite shows are home improvement shows and she tells everyone.

I would say I probably watched at least an hour of television every night.

For me it was more a gradual reduction of TV time in my life and wasn’t a conscious decision right away.

The first thing to go was the mindless television watching. (Side note: we have DVR which is a great feature and one I highly recommend, especially if you have children.)

With Brian working nights about half of each week I am alone after the kids go to bed. When they would go to bed if I didn’t have a show saved on DVR I would just turn the television off. No more mindless TV watching.

Then instead of TV I would do other things around the house, listen to music or podcasts, or read. On the nights that Brian was home we would catch up on one of our shows that we dvr’d, play a board game or talk.board-game-1163742_1920

That was the unconscious part of the journey into less television in my life.

The conscious decision to cut back on television watching came when I decided I was going to launch my business.

I knew that to be successful I needed more time to work on it. Between full-time work, a house and two small children I didn’t have much excess time in my life. My goal was to spend at least 5 hours a week on my business—it has since been increased to 10 hours—which often doesn’t seem enough.

I had to take a hard look at where I was spending time and make some tough decisions.

I wasn’t willing to give up family time and I knew that my workout time was too important to keeping me balanced. As I did a study of how I spend my time it became clear that social media and television were the place I could cut.

I made a decision that starting this business was more important to me than any television show or following everyone’s lives on Facebook. Now, I didn’t give these two things up completely, I just knew I had to cut back considerably.


Two years ago Brian started writing a book (in the editing stages right now). Now much of his free time goes to writing. He still watches several shows, but it was cutting back on television that allowed him to pursue this dream. He is now working on his second book.

Now, I go for days even weeks at a time without ever watching a single thing on the television.

I will not be able to have a conversation with you about who the Bachelor picked or what happened on Scandal this week (or maybe these are outdated references already). However I can tell you that I’m making progress on my business and I’m happier.

I go to bed more satisfied with my accomplishments for the day, I read every night, I get enough sleep and most days I get up early enough to work out before work.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out anything.

In fact I think you may be missing out on something by not trying this lifestyle.

(A funny side note during this journey into less television watching Brian inadvertently deleted all shows from our DVR. This included the last 2 Stanley cup championships he was saving—still wondering why they were on there. I was a little disappointed that some Hallmark movies were deleted along with all episodes of Chicago Fire and PD. However I didn’t lose any sleep over it. I figured it was a way to get us to cut back even more on what we watched. Now we only have a couple of shows we watch together and I only record the occasional Hallmark movie.)

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