Debt Free: What is your motivation?

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woman with student loan debt

What is your motivation to be debt free?

I’m betting you have more than just one reason.

But what is that one thing you plan to buy yourself once you make that final payment?

For me, it’s a new couch.

Yes, a couch.

new beige couch

What I mean is, I want a brand new couch that has never been owned by anyone else before me. I want a nice, comfy couch where I can sit to read a book or lay and take a nap.

relaxing on a couch

I don’t want to use a couch cover to hide the ugly maroon pattern of a couch that is dozens of years old and way outdated.

Seriously, when we’re debt free I’m getting myself a new couch and not just a “new to us” couch, a brand spanking new couch. No one else will have sat upon or taken a nap on my new couch before me.

It seems a little ridiculous when I say it out loud. It’s not like Brian and I don’t earn decent salaries and couldn’t just go out and buy a new couch today, but that’s not the point.

I could certainly forgo paying down our debt one or two months and buy a very nice new couch, but it wouldn’t be as satisfying.

That new couch is my reward for years of dedication to paying down debt.

I’m certain I will be the happiest, pickiest couch buyer the store sales people have ever seen. There may even be tears of joy when that couch arrives.

It will not arrive on the back of a pick-up truck covered with a tarp. My new couch will not arrive in a moving van covered in old blankets. No, it will arrive in plastic wrap from the store delivery people.

We still have debt.

Tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. We are no different than most Americans; however, we refuse to be slaves to our debt. We are working hard to get rid of this debt so we can have financial freedom.

In the meantime, we have two old couches in our house that go with the rest of our furniture that is second hand. In fact, the only furniture (not counting mattresses) in our house that is not secondhand is the bed frame in Cassidy’s room and the dresser/changing table in Amelia’s room.

That old couch in our living room I bought used from a co-worker the month before we were married. We have moved it once, changed the cover on it three times due to wear and tear and it still serves its purpose. However, I have no qualms with getting rid of that couch when the day comes.

Yes, we could buy a new couch today, but we’ve chosen to get out of debt and do so before the government, and student loan lenders said we could.

To gain our financial freedom sooner, we choose to live below our means and forgo luxuries that advertisers say we are entitled.

It is not a quick journey to financial freedom.

The journey to financial freedom is not easy.

It is not for the weak.

strong woman and child

The journey to financial freedom does not come without setbacks and a lot of frustration.

Because of that, this journey is teaching us perseverance, gratitude, patience, and faith.

Someday, hopefully in the not so distant future, I’ll have that new couch in my house. Most people who visit my house will never quite understand how much that couch means to me.


What is your one thing you can’t wait to buy when you’re debt free?

I'd love to hear from you.

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