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28 days

The shortest month of the year and yet we still struggled with our food budget. We did a little stocking up at Costco at the beginning of the month, but not that much.

With only 28 days in the month I was certain we would make it under budget this month.

I share this struggle with you because I want to be honest about how hard it is. Sometimes I’m afraid I, and others, make it look easy to save money and pay off debt, but it’s not and know that if you’re struggling you are not alone.

I am great at keeping track of our expenses, budgeting, etc, but for whatever reason keeping our food spending down is something I fail at over and over again.

The goal of reducing our food spending for 2017 has not been going well: 2 months down 10 more to go.

One of the most important things I can do to ensure a tighter food budget is menu planning and planning our restaurant meals instead of using them for convenience. Consistent menu planning will also help us make less trips to the store. It’s amazing what extra items end up in your cart when you make a trip to the store.

We spent $800 on food for February.

I do think that we have a lot of food in the house that can help us menu plan for the beginning of March, which might help reduce food spending.

We definitely overspent in food, but our budget for the month was still balanced, it just meant less money towards debt payoff. We were still able to put extra towards the student loan this month, which is exciting.

Our taxes have been submitted to our accountant and we’re hoping for some good news about a refund soon.

Income report from February

Selling items on varage sale                                $   20

Cash back from ibotta                                          $   20

Cash back from ebates                                       $   60


Total extra income                                               $ 100



Current outstanding student loan debt               $33,900

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  1. I was surprised at our food budget, too. But Brian pointed out that the restaurant spending (separate line item) was lower, so it would make sense that the groceries would be higher. But still…I’m sometimes baffled at how much money we spend on groceries for 2 people.

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