We may earn money from the purchase of items mentioned in this post.

While we had already planned to put $500 towards our vacation this month, we were also able to gain some traction on our student loan payoff goal

Our goal is to have all the money for vacation saved well in advance so we can pay for our tickets, hotel, etc. all before we even leave. With the money saved this month for vacation along with the money I will earn from teaching a class at the local community college we will have all of our vacation money.

This month we also did some more decluttering around the house and sold some items that we no longer needed or wanted. We will continue to do that throughout the year and put that extra money towards the student loan debt.

You may remember our mini financial goals for the year are to reduce our spending in the following two categories:

Home Improvement/Supplies


We only spent $93 in home improvement/supplies for the month which is under the $100/month goal. Our food goal was $650; we unfortunately, did not succeed in January. There are lots of excuses we could use and honestly we were on track to do well, and then the last week happened! I got sick and eating out was easier for everyone. Obviously, it wasn’t easier on our budget though.

So here’s the update for January

Income report from January


Extra from December paychecks                         $ 795

Money from selling items                                    $   90


Total extra income                                               $ 885


$500 of this was put towards our Disney vacation and the other $385 was put towards the student loan.


Current outstanding student loan debt               $34,157

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