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debt snowballl progress june 2017

Is debt-free possible?

I’m starting to wonder.

We were doing so well for so long, and lately, we’ve really hit quite a few roadblocks.

Alright, probably not road blocks, but rather really tall hurdles.

Now I know being in a wedding, and our vacations are not exactly road blocks. We knew about these events and willingly entered into them knowing the financial implications.

wedding picture
We do clean up nice.

What we did not know about or plan for were all the medical emergencies.  I’m pretty sure it’s about time for our household to have a month off from any health issues.

If we could go a month without visiting the doctor, filling a prescription, or taking someone’s temperature, it would be cause for celebration.

I can’t count the number of times I said, “how is your throat,” “how do you feel,” “what’s your temperature.” I’ve charted medication consumption and body temperatures like an accountant tracks credits and debits.

health chart
Keep track of 10 day antibiotics on a chart on your refrigerator

We ended May with Amelia sick with strep and a reaction of sorts to one medication. This caused us to need two visits to the doctor, and two-copays, plus two prescriptions and countless doses of Motrin and Tylenol.

June proved even more costly when both Cassidy and Brian got Amelia’s strep throat. It seems to be an especially aggressive strand because it knocked them out for an entire week with fevers and sore throats. A very high fever after days on an antibiotic necessitated a trip to the emergency room, which as you know isn’t free. The emergency room co-pay along with the cost of antibiotics for two people, more Motrin and Tylenol, and some Airborne to try and increase immunity in myself and Amelia caused it to be another unexpectedly, costly month.

(Side note: did you know that Motrin is more effective at reducing a fever than Tylenol and is the preferred method of nurses and doctors. At least I got some useful information out of our trip to the emergency room).

Obviously, these were emergencies, and instead of diverting money to the wedding we were in and debt payoff we needed to pay for our health.

Again, I am just very thankful that we have health insurance.

The good news is that since there was more time at home tending to sick family members there was less time to spend in stores shopping. I also had more downtime at home to menu plan and plan meals out of our stockpile in the refrigerator/cupboards. This meant our lowest monthly food expenses to date!

Next month I am certain we can come in under budget for food, because we will spend a week in Disney World. Those food expenses will come out of our vacation budget, because as anyone who has been to Disney World knows food there is extra expensive. Otherwise, our food budget for that month would be way over budget in just one week.

Looking forward:

July tends to be an expensive month for us because three out of the four people in our family have birthdays and we do a party for the girls. This adds to the monthly expense, which means I do not anticipate putting extra money towards our debt in July. I believe we will be back on track in August though and I intend to aggressively pay down debt. I’m really looking forward to when we owe $26,200, hopefully, December 2017, because I have an exciting countdown from there on out. If you’re a runner, I bet you have an idea of the symbolism of that amount.

So here’s the update for June

Income report from June

Money from Varage Sale                          $ 33

Money from sales on swap.com                     $14.30

Ebates cash back                                           $2.70

Credit card cash back                                    $30

Total extra income                                    $ 80.00


Current outstanding student loan debt        $32,956

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