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debt snowball-marchAs we work through paying off our debt we, unfortunately, are not immune to emergencies. However, as I have mentioned before, these emergencies no longer put me into crisis mode, because we have some financial freedom. This month one of our cars needed new breaks, pads, rotors— $400 later it was safe to drive again.

We already allot a set amount towards car repairs each month (an example of one of our funds) so most of this money was already sitting in our car repair line item.  However, we did not have $400 in that account so it did impact how much money we had extra this month towards our emergency fund.

Additionally, Brian’s paycheck varies by month depending on overtime and number of hours in each pay period and this was a smaller month.

Here is our monthly progress through our debt snowball; currently our journey to funding our emergency fund. If you want to see where we started check our first month here.

So here’s the update for March:


Extra income report from March

Extra money from regular paychecks      $ 54

Total extra income towards savings        $ 54



Previous months’ savings              $10,631

March savings                                  $ 54



Total still needed to reach goal    $7,315

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