We may earn money from the purchase of items mentioned in this post.

A snail’s pace.

That is what it feels like we are moving at these days in our debt snowball.  Our snowball is not currently going downhill picking up snow or momentum as it goes. It’s more like on a plateau of sorts.

We’re hopeful the downside of the large mountain is up ahead because this is frustrating.

We’re fortunate that we can pay our bills, and we can handle unexpected expenses when they come up, but it’s still hard to not see the debt amount reduced by as much each month as it used to be.

The last few months were exceptionally busy, which meant less bargain shopping, menu planning and the like. I am dedicated to using some of my extra time this summer to save money through the use of deals websites, coupons, bargain shopping and finding fun, free (or inexpensive) ways to enjoy our summer.

sale sign

We also have quite a few things that we want to declutter from our house that we haven’t been able to list for sale online yet. I haven’t had time to do that, and I know I will list those in the next few weeks. With any luck maybe that will be a hundred dollars or more.

May proved to be more expensive than we anticipated due to the gardening budget, a broken lawn mower, and additional health care expenses.  We could have foregone the gardening, but it is one of the hobbies that Brian enjoys, and it does make our house look so much nicer.

Honestly, it was more the health care expenses and new mower which impacted the budget.

These minor setbacks mean we probably won’t be able to pay any extra on the student loan until August. I’m optimistic there will be extra money in the budget before then, but with the wedding, we are in coming up I know we need to allocate money there first.

Our vacations are paid for! If we come in under budget for either of those that money will be used toward the student loan.

It is much more relaxing to go on a vacation that is paid for than to worry about how you’ll pay for it when you return.

Our food expenses are still not great ($750 for the month), but I am feeling very optimistic going forward. Our food spending has decreased each month, so we’re on the right track.

grocery store

I have completed the grocery budget makeover course, which I will be writing a review on soon. The next time the course opens up is in September, and if food spending is an issue for you, I think this is something you defnitely want to check out.

So here’s the update for May

Income report from May

Money from Varage Sale                                 $   54.72

Money from Ebates                                         $   14.42

Total extra income                                   $   69.14


Current outstanding student loan debt        $33,176

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