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It’s nearing the end of October and I still didn’t do my update for the debt snowball. It is not because we didn’t have a good month, it’s just because I’m still a bit behind in writing content for the blog. I am finally settling into my new job and figuring out this work from home bit (it’s a harder adjustment than most people realize – more about that at a later time). You should anticipate more consistent posts by early November.

Fall is a very busy time with Brian’s work schedule and with me doing this new job and teaching two classes at the community college. It’s great for our debt snowball, but not good for trying to grow a side business or try to maintain sanity. There have been many days that this self-proclaimed type-A overachiever has had to accept that keeping the children alive and fed was enough of an accomplishment for the day.

So here’s the update for September:

Income report from September

Extra from September paychecks                        $1,028

Money from Garage Sale and Varage Sale         $       8


Total extra income                                               $1,036



Current outstanding student loan debt               $37,016

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