Declutter Challenge – Before Pics

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It’s time!

Tomorrow starts our 46 Day Decluttering Challenge.

It’s not too late to commit if you haven’t already.  Be sure to like the Facebook page to follow along with this challenge.

Remember the 3 simple rules

  1. 46 days (March 1- April 15)
  2. 10 minutes every day
  3. 10 items every day

If you set a timer and stay in one area, you will find it much easier to be productive.

If you have a particularly difficult area of your home, you may find that you spend the entire 46 days in one room and that is OK.

For those of you matching up this 46 day challenge with your Lenten journey I thought it would be fun to share our “Fat House” pictures before they go on a fast. Pictures of those overly cluttered spaces in your home that you intend to work on through the next 46 days.

No judgement if your space is more or less cluttered than someone else’s. We are all on our own journey. I want a minimalist life, while others of you enjoy your knick knacks and such. That is fine.


These are a few of the overly cluttered areas that I really want to focus on in the next 46 days. We already have 4 boxes full of stuff being donated before we even start this challenge.I’m excited to really change myself to pair down further!

Share pictures of your spaces. It will be fun to see the before and after pictures.

1 thought on “Declutter Challenge – Before Pics”

  1. We are on day 4 of the de-clutter and it is going well. I worked on the linen closet and made two bags of donations. Dad worked in the basement and garage at least 20 items gone!

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