Declutter Buddy

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21 days.

Studies show that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

CONGRATULATIONS you’ve formed a new habit: Spending 10 minutes every day decluttering.

Tip for Week 3: Find a Declutter Buddy

If you haven’t already, it’s time to find a declutter buddy.

Who: your buddy could be a friend or a family member.

Where: They could live in your house, in your town or across the world from you.

What: You will check in with each other, motivate each other, share stories with each other, challenge each other to keep going and dig deep when you’re struggling to part with things.

Sometimes we just need someone else to push us. This may just be the one thing that leads to yoru success in decluttering.

My declutter buddy has actually been my 7 year old daughter. In her room I’m usually the one holding things up while she decides whether it stays or goes and in my spaces she encourages me and challenges me to do just a little bit more.  Remember she’s the one that challenged me to not count things that are getting thrown away.

Many days we’ve actually gotten a day or two ahead because she’s so motivated to keep going.

It’s awesome to watch her go through her things and really debate whether they are worth holding on to or not. As we were working in her room one day she said,

“Oh no, my pack rattiness is coming back. Do you see all that stuff in my room?”

Of course I had, but I was amazed that she had too!

It’s not too late to encourage a friend to start this challenge. You may just be the push they need to start decluttering in their own lives.

Think about the weight that is being lifted off your shoulders as you get rid of things.

Don’t you think others deserve that feeling too?


If you don’t have a buddy yet, or even if you do, join us over on Facebook to share how it’s going.

It’s most important taht we inspire each other to get through the second half of this journey.

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