Declutter in 10 minutes a Day

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In my house we are simplifying our life in 10 minutes or less a day by removing 10 items that we no longer want, need or enjoy.

Have you decided to join us on this journey?

Have you managed to remember the 10 minutes every day?

Put it on your calendar as a date with yourself and you won’t forget.

In the 6 days since this challenge started we have already eliminated 120 items from our home (60 for me and 60 for Cassidy- we’re the only two brave enough to do the challenge)

declutter challenge
At the time of this picture this is only 80 of the items.

I encourage you to take a picture of the stuff that you are eliminating.

It’s an amazing feeling to see the progress you make in such a short amount of time.

However, I do not recommend holding onto all of the stuff for the duration of the challenge. You or your family may be tempted to return something to circulation. Plus it just creates a big mess in your “staging area.” Hopefully you have so much stuff you’re eliminating that your staging area is overflowing in a week or two.

Our plan is to take a picture every weekend before donating or listing the items for sale. Then start it all over again for the next week.

I am so proud of Cassidy for joining me on this challenge.

At Sunday school they talked about what they were giving up/doing for Lent and when I told her what I was doing she said, “that’s great, because I just said I wanted to give away some of my toys for Lent.” It seemed like a perfect match, but I was skeptical that she would still want to do it when it came time.

I was wrong.

She is having a lot of fun finding her 10 things every day and has even helped me – she informed me which flower vases we should keep and which were just ugly.

Cassidy is a world-class pack rat.

There are so many “treasures” in her room that I could easily find thousands of things to declutter; however, I respect her decisions.

If you’re living with a pack rat, be sure to read about, “How to help a pack rat get organized.”  Respect is key and Cassidy knows I won’t make her get rid of anything she doesn’t want to – I may suggest, but I don’t make her.

declutter challenge
A toothpick with the word “Boo” on it that you would stick in a cupcake. I have no idea why she really wants to keep this, but out of respect for her decision it will stay. I would love to see items like this go, but by letting her keep what she wants I am earning her trust in this process.

On the second day of the challenge Cassidy informed me that if you throw something away, it doesn’t count towards your 10 items. That definitely wasn’t in my initial rules for this challenge (feel free to ignore this special rule we have). I think this is going to make it infinitely harder for me, but if my pack rat daughter can do it, then I can too.

There is still time to join the declutter challenge.

If you didn’t hear about it until now, or if you got a little behind you can still join. I missed one day, but quickly made it up on Saturday with 20 items, which I was able to do in 10 minutes or less.

If you are behind and want to catch up, try to keep your declutter sessions to 10 minutes. You could do a couple 10 minute sessions on the weekend to catch up, but any more than 10 minutes may be overwhelming.  This 10 minute exercise is also important to train us how much we can accomplish in a short time.

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Please comment on how it’s going and any advice you may have for others.

I'd love to hear from you.

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