Do You Really Need More Organizers?

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Getting organized is a tricky thing. You don’t have to buy organizational systems, baskets, drawers, etc. to get organized. I know you think you can’t be organized without them, but it’s not true. The websites, blogs, and ads don’t fully explain that with their flashy pictures of organized spaces and amazing organizational systems.

Yes, of course, the organized spaces they feature in ads and online are beautiful. However, those pictures are also trying to entice you to buy a product. The goal is to convince you that by purchasing the product your space will magically be transformed into looking equally as beautiful.organizing toters on shelves

I have bad news for you…. It won’t.

There is more to organizing than just buying an organizational system.

Before you buy any organizers, I encourage you to ask yourself three simple questions.


1. Have I already gone through the stuff in the area I want to organize?

You can’t possibly need an organizer if you don’t know what you have to organize. Furthermore, you need to make sure all that stuff you are planning to organize is worthy of keeping. More often than not, people buy organizers to fit stuff that they don’t need anymore.

Take the time to go through your stuff and sort out what you are keeping Once you have done that, you will know your organizing needs. You may even find that you don’t need an organizer at all anymore.

2) Do I have something in my house already that I can re-purpose to organize this space?

Take a moment to check around your house for an organizer that might work in that space. You might be surprised at how many unused or underutilized organizers you have laying around your house. This is also a great time to think creatively. You could spend $10 or more on a drawer divider. Or you could use a shoe box that is completely free and packing tape that is probably laying around your house.

organized sock drawer with a shoe box

Guess what?

No one, but you is going to see that drawer divider in your sock drawer. The one I designed over a year ago is still working out perfectly for me.

(side note: while I despise clutter I do have a large storage box in our basement where I store unused organizers. These are organizers that were eliminated from a room in our house, but I’m not quite ready to get rid of them because I may use them in another space in the future. I find it is useful to keep these on hand especially since I still have small children around the house. The organizing needs in their rooms are constantly changing as their toys and interests change.)

extra organizers

3) Can I buy the organizers I need somewhere cheaper?

If you have decided you do in fact need to buy an organizer or system, the next step is to figure out how to save money on it.

Your first instinct might be to go to Amazon to see what they have that can ship in a day or head out to Target or the Container Store (oh how I love to walk around that store), but wait a moment.

Frugal Megan is not going to recommend that as the first step. There are so many options to try and find what you need at a discount. What about garage sales, Varage Sale, resale shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.?

Be sure to measure what you need so you don’t end up buying something that won’t work in the space.

Being patient and willing to look around can save you hundreds of dollars. I bought three Elfa drawers (worth over $300) for $25 total.

elfa drawers

Being flexible can also save you a lot of money. Maybe you have your mind set on one thing, but another option will work equally as good and save you money.

Take your time to assess your needs and what you are willing to pay. If you can be flexible and patient, you can save money.

You are not alone if you get excited when you see all of those neat organizers. I would love to have my entire house organized as you see in all the images on Pinterest. But, I realize that is unreasonable and way out of my price range. The next time you think you need to buy an organizer take the time to ask yourself these three questions. Once you have done that and feel confident in your organizing needs, then go and buy what you need. You will not regret the time you take..


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