A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband

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Brian with the girls bowlingDaDa, Daddy, Dad, Father.

The name may change over time, but the fundamental role remains throughout a child’s life. Hopefully, their dad is someone they can look up to, they can learn from, they can be supported by and who loves them unconditionally.

I had no idea that I could love my husband more than on our wedding day, but I do. In fact, I love him more and differently with each passing year. Since, we have become parents I have found new reasons to love him. Don’t worry it’s not all perfect I’ve also found new reasons to be annoyed and frustrated.

Oh, we’ve had our fair share of parenting arguments over the past eight years, and I’m certain there are A LOT more in our future. I mean we do have ten straights years of parenting teenagers, and girls at that, ahead of us.

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, I’m taking the opportunity to highlight the important role my husband plays in our daughters’ lives.

I could not have known when I met him back when we were 19 years old what kind of father he would become. He grew up in a house where the only female was his mom, and now he lives in a house full of females, including the dog. He has made the transition well.

Brian's girls

I like to think that the way that I parent is the “right” way.

I mean I know that the way I clean the house, fold the clothes, and drive is the right way, so obviously, my parenting is the right and perfect way as well. [editor’s note: he vehemently disagrees with this entire paragraph]

Over the past eight years, I have learned, albeit slowly, there are multiple right ways and that our children benefit from our different parenting styles.

I’m certain I’m not the only mom out there who has struggled to appreciate her partner’s parenting style and decisions.

On this Father’s Day, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the many ways that your children benefit from their father. Then tell him.

Parenting is a hard thing –not like I’m telling you anything you didn’t know. It never hurts to hear when we’re doing something right, especially from our partner.

Just a few of the many awesome things Brian does for our daughters:

  • First and most importantly, he teaches them how a man should treat a woman. Our daughters watch every day how we interact with each other. This will become the basis for what they think marriage and partnership should look like.
  • He demonstrates that there are no such things as gender roles. We take turns doing dishes, cooking, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, taking the garbage out, etc.
  • He introduces them to new things I wouldn’t. Yes, I have not one, but two daughters who love WWE and love to watch Monday Night RAW. One is already completely infatuated with Star Wars, all things superhero and Pokemon hunting was a big event for them last year.
  • He is spontaneous, a trait in which I am completely incapable. In fact, I allocate time in my schedule to be spontaneous- yeah, I know not the point.
  • He knows how to relax and have fun.
  • He works hard at his job, modeling good work ethic and service to communityBrian working
  • He is strict yet loving, and is patient when dealing with the emotional crises of young girls. This should better preparing him for the teenage years
  • He takes the girls on daddy daughter dates.                                                         Brian and Cassidy before the daddy/daughter dance
  • He keeps their mom in check from being overprotective, emotional, and embarrassing – this task will probably get harder [editor’s note: change to impossibe] as the girls get older.


These are just a few of the many things Brian does that make him a great father. My daughters and I are lucky to have him in our lives, and we will celebrate him this Father’s Day.


Random Fact:

Did you know?

Americans have honored father’s on the third Sunday in June since 1910. The day became a federal holiday in 1972 thanks to then President Nixon.

4 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband”

  1. Megan- I am loving reading your blog. I can relate to it SO much each time. I didn’t always take the time during the school year but I need to go back and read through them. Great tips, stories, insight and thought provoking stories! Thanks for sharing your world!

    1. Amy, Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I think you will be able to relate very well to a post coming out tomorrow about wives of first responders.

  2. I do have to agree with the editor on a few points in this one, but TOTALLY agree with the blogger on main narrative. You found a good one. Together you are raising two amazing daughters! (I can’t believe the change in Brian in the newborn pictures!)

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