Got Power? What’s your mantra?

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There is power in words,whether they are negative or positive.

Don’t underestimate the powerful impact a power phrase, or mantra, can have on your life. I firmly believe you have the power within yourself to change your attitude and outlook on life.

I was recently listening to a podcast, The Chalene Show by Chalene Johnson, where she was talking about power phrases. Side note, she is a great motivator and always has great topics between her two podcasts, The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe.

I saw the episode title and it got my attention. Embarking on this new blogging business adventure I thought that was exactly what I needed, a power phrase. Halfway through the episode I was contemplating “stealing” the power phrase of the women in the story Chalene was sharing. I couldn’t think of a better one and hers was great, but then it hit me.

I already had a power phrase, and didn’t even realize it.

My power phrase was born in a moment of complete physical triumph.

A power phrase is something you state to yourself to keep you going during tough times (physically, mentally, whatever). It serves to remind you that you are tough and you will survive (queue the “I will survive” music).

It was nearly 4 years ago during the Chicago Half Marathon, my second race of that distance, that I began stating to myself “you got this.”

Let me explain, my first half marathon had been 4 months previously and it was mentally and physically anguishing and in the final miles of that race I swore off running forever.

Lucky for me I’d already signed up for the Chicago race and since I’m too cheap to see my money go to waste I took a week off to rest, and then got right back out there running.  I continued training through the hot summer with my sights set on shaving minutes off my PR (personal record).

It was about ½ way through the Chicago race when I began saying to myself,

“you got this.”

I knew I was owning that race and that barring injury I was going to get a PR. I ran the second half of that race with a smile on my face and frequently revisiting my power phrase.

Chanting to myself, “you got this” I ran by masses of people.  If only they could have heard me cheering to myself. It still gives me chills to remember how it felt to run down the chute to the finish line saying, “you got this” as hundreds of people cheered on the runners. I finished that race and had shaved over 10 minutes off my time.

Yeah, I got this was right!

personal mantra

I didn’t realize it then, but whenever life has gotten difficult or I’ve faced challenges I have found myself right back to that exact spot in Chicago when I first “uttered” those words to myself.

It was on Lake Shore Drive with the lake to my right, the sun shining and a smile upon my face.

It’s amazing how that feeling of knowing “I got this” from 4 years ago can still bring me so much power now.

For me it’s believing in myself and knowing that I can do hard things.

If you don’t already have a power phrase I challenge you to find one.

What is a mantra that you can focus on when life gets hard? What can remind you that you can get through whatever it is you are going through?

Find a phrase and try it out. You may just be amazed at how powerful a positive mantra can be for you.

If you have one, share it with us. I am always inspired by others and what they use to motivate and inspire themselves.

2 thoughts on “Got Power? What’s your mantra?”

  1. Anything is possible. I repeat this several times each day. I may not always make my goal but it keeps me on track.

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