Save Money on Your Grocery Budget

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Do you want to save money?

Have you cut back on your budget and feel like there is nowhere else you can save?

What if I told you, you could save hundreds of dollars a month?

If you are like most people, the food portion of your budget is probably a place you can still do some work.

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It’s no secret that I’m a frugal shopper, I use coupons, and I try to save money wherever we can. However, no matter how hard I tried, I still struggled with cutting down our food budget.

We do not eat out that much and we menu plan. However for some reason, our food budget has always been a struggle.

We tried so many different things, so when I came across Erin Chase’s Grocery Budget Makeover Course I was intrigued, but skeptical.

I desperately wanted to find ways to cut our food spending down, because I knew it was the last area of our budget that I could control month to month and try to save more. I was skeptical because I knew that we were already pretty frugal and I didn’t know how much new information this course would give me.

We are now saving $50-$150 a month on our food spending thanks to lessons I learned in this course.  That’s $600-$1800/year. Every family is different; you could have even larger savings.

I also found that I am wasting less food, which makes me feel better too.

I’m no longer skeptical and highly recommend this course and the small investment it requires for anyone looking to save on their monthly food budget.

Erin offers her course twice a year and registration is only open for a week each time. I looked over the course information, closed the browser and then later opened it again. I wasn’t sure that spending money to hopefully save money would be a good bet. I decided to give it a try. I signed up for the course last April and paid for it out of our monthly grocery budget.

The course is ten weeks long, (and may have a new five-week version available this roll-out) but you can go at your own pace. When the course started in the spring, I was very busy with work, so it took me more like 14 weeks to complete the ten-week course. It’s okay if it takes you a year. The nice thing is once you sign up for it you have lifetime access.

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The Grocery Budget Makeover Course was right for me because

it was affordable,

it offered new ideas and resources I didn’t know about, and

the ideas were not extreme and could be done by every day busy moms, like myself.

If you like Facebook, she also provides a supportive Facebook group where you can share ideas with other students in the course (past and present).

When I took the course, I opted for the course that came with two live phone calls with Erin. It was neat, but not necessary. I found Erin to be approachable, open to new ideas and very supportive.

Whether you have tried a dozen different ways to save money on your food budget or you just decided to start watching your food budget, this course is for you. Everyone can learn something in it, and the course will pay for itself in monthly food savings in no time. If there absolutely is not disposable income right now, I understand! You can check out Erin’s free workshop.

Remember this course is only offered twice a year in fall and spring. Now is the time to get that food budget under control and start saving money.

Join the Grocery Budget Makeover course today and start saving.

The real question is what you will do with the extra money you will be saving every month?

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