Halloween Deals

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Did you know there are great deals to be had the day after a holiday?

Yes, the stores immediately mark down items for quick sale. The markdowns typically start 50% and may get as high as 75% or 90% if you are willing to wait.

Everything that is related to that holiday goes on sale.

Halloween deals

As we gear up for several holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), there will be several opportunities for stocking up on items at discounted prices.

Here is your guide for what you can be stocking up on after Halloween.


If you have children or grandchildren or are a teacher with a dress-up area, you will want to check out the discounted costumes. Target has some great quality costumes that we have bought over the years.  They are great for playing dress up all year long. If you plan to go to Disney World within the next year, it is the perfect time to get character costumes for your children. Last year we bought an Elsa and Belle dress for our daughters. We put them away and surprised the girls before we left. I guarantee we spent far less money buying them after Halloween on discount than if we had bought them in June before our trip.

Halloween deal on costumes
The girls in their dresses at Disney World. Both bought 9 months before our trip for less than $30.


Obviously candy is on sale after Halloween, and I am not suggesting that you buy a bunch of candy so you can binge on it. I have bought candy to use  for prizes in the college class that I teach. I also buy some candy that I use in care packages for college students. You could also stock up on candy that you need for holiday backing. For instance, I buy milk duds because I use them in one of my Christmas cookies. This would be a great time to buy “Halloween” Hershey’s Kisses for all of those peanut butter blossoms you plan to make for Christmas.


Household Items:

Any household items that have Halloween packaging are on sale. Many times you can find Ziploc bags, saran wrap, tinfoil, cupcake liners, Kleenex boxes, etc. Next time you are at the store pay attention to how many items have holiday packaging. If those items don’t sell before the holiday, they will be on sale the day after. You will also find orange and black paper products on sale. For us, this will be important when we are preparing for high school graduations (our school’s colors are orange and black). If you have a graduation coming up, think about which holiday has those colors and try to buy items on sale after the holiday.

halloween deal on ziploc bags
It doesn’t matter if my crackers are stored in these all year long for the savings I get.



Again, anything with Halloween packaging is going to be on sale. You will see goldfish crackers, Pirate’s Booty, granola bars, fruit snacks, cake mixes, etc. I buy the snacks that my children eat, and no one seems to care that their goldfish container has pumpkins or bats on it. The goldfish crackers taste the same.


I have found lawn waste bags at Target most years. The bags have pumpkins on them, but my leaves don’t care. We still need to collect lawn waste well after Halloween, so this is perfect. If I buy enough, I also store them in our garage for next year’s lawn waste pick-up.

dog treat deals
This year I found Halloween dog treats. I guarantee my dog will not care if these are “Halloween treats”
Think outside the box: craft supplies for the rest of the year.


If you want some new Halloween decorations, obviously this is the best time to buy it. Bonus next year you’ll be excited when you get your holiday decorations out. You will have forgotten about the new things you bought.


Where to shop:

The list is endless of where you can shop. If the store has holiday items, they will be discounting them.  My favorite places to bargain shop are Target, Wal-Mart, and Michaels. There are so much more, but these are the ones I usually check out the day after the holiday.


When to shop:

The morning after the holiday is the best time to get as many deals as possible because the best deals will be gone early. Other bargain shoppers will be out stocking up too. However, if you are less concerned with what specific items you get and would rather get the steep discounts you should wait a week. For instance, if you don’t care what costumes you have for the dress-up wait until they are at least 75% off at Target.


Don’t forget:

COUPONS- yes, you can use coupons on these discounted items. Be sure to check them out. I’ve made it easier with coupon clipping for ordinary moms. This makes some items super cheap.So get those coupons and go seek out the Halloween deals.


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