Eliminate Paper Clutter

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It’s everywhere and it is probably one of the biggest culprits of messing up your living spaces.

There are papers from school, mail, bills, papers from day care, papers from work, receipts, and on and on.

If your home is anything like ours, you are dealing with hundreds of pieces of paper every week.

Paper clutter is one of the biggest concerns people have in keeping their homes tidy.

Everyone has a hot spot in their home that always seems to be covered in papers and stuff.

If you could just find a solution for paper, your life would feel more organized.

I have the answer.

Nearly a year ago I came across a professional organizer who podcasts – a perfect match for this organizing nerd. My two favorite things combined.

If paper is a problem of yours then you absolutely, MUST check out her Sunday Basket idea. It is completely free and get the specifics of how to start a Sunday Basket. It has completely changed how we handle paper in our house.

I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE my Sunday Basket.

It is completely worth the investment of your time to get your paper organized.

The initial set up of your Sunday Basket is what takes the longest, but after that it so easy to maintain. (word of advice: put the Sunday Basket out of reach of small children- I may or may not have had to reorganized mine once or twice after Amelia “helped” with it)

As Lisa states in her article you can use any basket you want.

sunday basket
My Sunday Basket

I got the container for my Sunday Basket from Michael’s over a year ago and I haven’t seen them recently. The brand is “Cre8ted Space Storage Bins.” If you do not already have a basket you can use here are some tips for buying one.

Make sure it’s not too big, it is wide enough to hold file pockets, it has handles and preferably no lid. If it does not have a lid, or you remove the lid, your family is more likely to put papers, receipts, etc into it than if they had to constantly take the lid off – speaking from experience.

You can use any folders you like. I LOVE these ones, which I got from Amazon. Since they are pocket folders, you don’t lose any small papers (i.e. receipts) out the side of them when you take them out of the basket.

file pockets
Smead Poly File Jackets

In my Sunday Basket our folders are currently the following:




Action Items

To File

Once a week, I make sure our receipts are updated into Everydollar, our bills are paid, review action items for what needs to be done, and file papers from the week.The Sunday Basket has even helped us to budget better.

Since moving to the Sunday Basket, we have eliminated the pile of papers around our kitchen and the massive, overflowing pile of papers in the office that need to be organized and filed. It still hasn’t stopped the notes from school, but at least we can control what to do with them.

You owe it to yourself and your sanity to set up the Sunday basket. You’ll never look for an important piece of paper again!


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