How to Set SMART Goals

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For the New Year I have a BIG goal:

I want to be more productive with my blog. 

Now that I do the majority of my work from home, my home office has become an integral part to my day. As a person who thrives on order and organization it is no surprise that a cluttered work space leads to a cluttered mind and decreased productivity.

I know exactly what I NEED to do to increase productivity. It’s just a matter of finding the time to do it. That is where this big goal comes into play. If I set my goal and make sure it is SMART, then I am far more likely to accomplish this goal.

SMART goals title

So my SMART goal is:

Specific: To organize my office and eliminate clutter.

Measurable: Surfaces (tabletops, desktop, floor) will be free of random papers, supplies and stuff. Systems will be set up to simplify where things go and where to find things. The desks, book shelves and file cabinets will be decluttered by January 19. I will have Brian’s game area and closet decluttered by January 28. I will decide on organizational flow by February 9. Finally, everything put away and systems in place by February 16. I will spend 15-30 minutes 5x a week working on the office decluttering and organization.

Attainable: This is absolutely doable in the six weeks I have scheduled.

Relevant: I need to achieve this goal to increase productivity in my blog, because I am easily distracted by the clutter around me while I wok.

Timely: The office will be decluttered with systems in place by February 16.

my organized office my smart goal

This is how I am breaking down my goal into a SMART goal.

It seems ambitious to completely organized the office in 6 weeks, but by spending 15-30 minutes 5x a week that ensure me at least 7 and a ½  hours of dedicated time. I also know myself and there will be days that I absolutely intend to spend 15 minutes on the project, and I will put in an hour of work without even knowing it. If you are not an organization lover like myself, just set your timer for 15 minutes.

I guarantee you can complete your projects if you set aside the time to do so. You only need to dedicate 15 minutes a day 5x a week.

January is a great time to set a goal and get organized.  

I would like to invite you to join me in my 2018 Home Organization Project. I will be offering tips and motivation while you work through organizing the problems spaces in your home. If you are new to decluttering and organizing, it might be best to start with a small space, i.e. linen closet, bathroom,. If you have some experience, and are ambitious, tackling a whole room is doable.

Please be sure to follow Minuteswithmeg on Facebook and Instagram for pictures, updates and motivation. Let’s help each other to get organized in the new  year.

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