Kid-Free Mother’s Day

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kid free mother's day


Do not for one second think I don’t or that I don’t want to spend time with them I do, but I need a break too.

As Mother’s Day approached we found out that Brian didn’t have to work as initially planned– for once his schedule change was actually something positive. Instead of sleeping all of Mother’s Day he would be home and not have to leave for work until 6:00 pm.

After a lot of running around and busy schedules I announced I wanted to go nowhere for Mother’s Day. I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone for lunch or dinner. I didn’t want to travel out of town to see either of our moms. Nor did I want to host anyone at our house. I didn’t want to do anything planned.

When life gets hectic I crave alone time in my favorite place, and that place is home.

For Mother’s Day I really wanted alone time.

I didn’t want to change diapers or hear “Mommy, mommy, mommy” on endless repeat.

I didn’t want to try and eat my meal while a toddler climbed all over me because my meal (exact same as hers) was better than what she had on her plate.

This is not to say that I never get alone time.

I do.

However, most times the alone time is if I go to the grocery store alone or the hairdresser or workout.

What I really wanted for Mother’s Day was alone time AT HOME.

I wanted the family to leave me in my favorite place to do whatever I wanted. I can’t even remember the last time I was alone in our house for more than an hour.

This Mother’s Day was one of my best yet. I”m the early riser in the house so I was up working on my blog when Cassidy came bouncing into the office with her gifts for me. She could hardly wait for Mother’s Day to give them to me. The gifts were beautiful, but the best part was how proud she was of them.

After church Brian made a delicious breakfast of Tonga Toast. If you are a Disney World fan and you’ve never had the Tonga Toast you are really missing out. It’s banana stuffed french toast that you can get at Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian. It was amazing.

tonga toast

After a great breakfast– no one climbed on my lap to eat–daddy made sure of that, I got to enjoy some quiet reading time in my favorite comfy chair and a brief nap.

I did a few things I wanted to do around the house-organizing toys, and then it was time for the family to leave.

Brian took the girls to lunch with his mom, dad and brother. That way his mom got to spend quality time with the girls, which is difficult because we live over an hour away, and I got my alone time. Win-Win. My mom only got a phone call, but we celebrated her birthday last weekend and I’ll be spending all next weekend with her at a scrapbook event!

So what does this mom do when she’s all alone for several hours in her favorite place with no interruptions……..

a whole lot of nothing actually.

I started out my alone time– well not exactly alone. I went running with a friend, because the weather was gorgeous and we both wanted to get our run in for the weekend. After a nice run I was tired. I sat in the comfy chair again with a glass of water and did something I almost never do, I watched TV. I didn’t multi-task I just sat there and watched the show– actually a Hallmark movie.

When the movie was over I started to panic. The family might be home soon and I hadn’t really done much of anything that I had wanted to get done. I then spent the rest of my alone time organizing my scrapbook supplies and packing for a Scrapbook Weekend I am heading to on Thursday. It’s sort of like Mother’s Day part II with alone time outside of the house to relax.

I thoroughly enjoyed my slow-paced Mother’s Day. I didn’t even mind that I did some housework at the end of the day or changed a few diapers. Most of the day I got to do exactly what I wanted when I wanted.

I spent time with my family and I got some alone time, it was perfect.

It has taken me 6+ years of being a mom, but finally I am okay with expressing my one true wish for Mother’s Day and my birthday (yes, please press repeat for my birthday)!

I had to push away feelings of guilt and realize wanting time alone in my house was not selfish.

It did not mean I don’t love my kids.

It did not mean that I don’t like to spend time with them.

So ladies whether it is Mother’s Day, your birthday or you just need to rejuvenate don’t be afraid to tell your family what you want.

It’s okay to want alone time. They will not know what you want if you don’t tell them.

So what did you do for Mother’s Day and is it what you wanted to do?

I'd love to hear from you.

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