Love Your Life, Not Theirs

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A new must-read book for everyone, young and old. It’s time to stop the comparison game and Rachel Cruze’s new book, “Love Your LIfe, Not Theirs” is here to help you do just that.

It’s no secret I love to read. In the last year or two I have become quite fond of personal development books. Pair that with my love of money management and paying down debt and I was presented with an awesome opportunity.

I got an email asking me if I wanted to apply to be part of a launch team for this new book.

Umm, yes where do I sign-up?

So I applied and then quickly forgot about it. Weeks later I got an email indicating I was accepted. I have no idea how many people they accepted. For all I know they accepted everyone who applied. I didn’t care, because I was chosen. It meant I got to be on a launch team for a book. As an avid reader that was just plain AWESOME.

I got an advance electronic copy of the book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs” by Rachel Cruze. Let me make it clear, I am not making any money reviewing this book.

For those who may not know, Rachel Cruze is the daughter of Dave Ramsey. She has written another book, which was a New York Time’s Best Seller, “Smart Money, Smart Kids.” I believe her role in Ramsey Solutions is to reach out to the younger generation. The generation that is working through debt and trying to raise money smart kids.

I really enjoy listening to Rachel and I found her book to be an easy, conversational read that delivered some great lessons.

The baby steps and the debt snowball are revisited in this book, which isn’t surprising since that is what the entire company is based on. For me that was redundant because I’ve heard it many times, but for some readers that will be all new. I respect that they approach each book and each live presentation as an opportunity to reach someone new – they don’t assume everyone knows about the debt snowball and the baby steps.

I thought the best part of the book was Rachel’s real life stories and conversational tone in the book.

You really felt like she was talking to you while you read it. Now if you’re a person who finds her annoying (Mae), then this book will not be for you because she writes very personally. I think everyone, regardless of age, can find something in this book that is useful.

The whole concept of the book is to get out of the comparison game that so many of us are living in. Rachel talks about how social media makes this difficult, which is something generations ago didn’t have to deal with. I loved the part where she talked about people posting pictures of new things they got and writing #blessed.  In the Facebook group for the launch team I posted the following:

love your life not theirs

#blessed…our two cars are paid for (a 2005 and a 2009) and we plan to run them into the ground. Just working on paying off law school now.

My takeaway from this book is to, “Love my life, not theirs.”

Not shocking given the title of the book.

I may not have the newest furniture, a new car, or a fancy wardrobe, but I have a house that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I have a comfortable bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, enough money to pay my bills, buy groceries and occasionally do fun things as a family. We are on our debt free journey and my house is filled with love. The things I want are not necessities, because my basic needs are easily met month after month.

My life is pretty awesome and as long as I don’t play the comparison game I don’t forget that.

Be sure to check out the book; it will be well worth your time.


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