Makeover your linen closet in 4 hours or less

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Do you ever wonder how to organize your linen closet?

I have tried several different ways of organizing ours. I finally found the one that is most functional for us, and it’s only because I decided to take my own advice.

    linen closet makeover before Linen closet makeover before


In the past, every time I organized this closet I would move things around and group like things together. I always liked the outcome, but it wasn’t easy to find things quickly. Plus it never seemed to stay organized.

The trick to success this time was removing everything – I mean everything – from the closet.

linen closet-empty

I caution you not to do this while children are awake. I guarantee I would have been tracking down the contents of that closet for months. Amelia recognizes a novelty and pounces to get into what she knows she shouldn’t.

You must take the time to sort everything in the closet into like piles (i.e. hair care, body care, tooth care, etc).

This particular closet was home to a wide variety of items: bathroom toiletries, towels, dehumidifier, spot clean vacuum (that was partially broken), light bulbs, dog care products, packing supplies.

I think it is safe to say this closet had become our “junk drawer.”

Our bathroom drawers and there are a lot of them also had to be considered during this closet makeover. These drawers are where we stored toiletries and the like.

bathroom drawers

The drawers store a lot of things; however, I also (at the time) had a very curious 20 month old who LOVED to put anything and everything in her mouth. She loved the challenge of seeing how fast she could empty drawers/cupboards. We could childproof all of the drawers, but that would get expensive. More importantly it would be annoying. We need to get into thos drawers several times a day.

I emptied out all of the bathroom drawers and the cabinet under the sink into my already growing piles on our kitchen counter and dining room table.

We also bargain shop for our toiletries, which creates a surplus that needs to be stored. Previously, the surplus was stored in a basement cabinet. However my husband demolished that cabinet for some reorganizing that he wanted to do.

Additionally, it didn’t seem to make sense to haul the extra toiletries down to the basement after they were bought just to haul them back up when we needed them. It makes more sense to store them all together and close to the bathroom.

After it was all sorted I could see all that we had – it was a lot.

I then needed to think through what we wanted the function of this closet to be. I knew I wanted the closet to store all of our toiletries and extra towels. All other items were going to need a new home. Some would go in the bathroom itself.

The next step was to visit a few stores to see what type of storage systems I could find that would work.

After much searching I ended up going with one item I already had (from Michaels). One item from Goodwill, one from Dollar Tree and eight baskets from Wal-Mart.

The grand total of the makeover was $36.21.

The “first aid” box is from Michael’s, the “extra medicine” one is from Goodwill, the “loofah” one is from Dollar Tree. The rest of them are from Wal-Mart.

After everything was in place I typed up labels. I printed and mounted the labels on colored cardstock—thinking like a scrapbooker at all times. I wanted a little color to make them pop. Then I laminated them so that they could withstand the wear and tear. The final step was attaching them to the baskets with clear packing tape.

linen closet after

linen closet makeover after

The whole makeover took less than 4 hours—though it was spread out over a couple of days.

I like the finished product a lot.

What I like most about it is that everything has a place and all items are now stored in one place so it’s easier to know when you’re running out of something. The one thing I wish is that the baskets on the bottom two shelves slid out easily—think rolling shelf.

They are completely functional the way they are because we’re not getting into them daily, because this is primarily the surplus area. The products we are currently using are in the bathroom drawers.

One nice feature of this project is that all of the storage containers are not permanent fixtures and can be moved easily. In fact a couple of weeks after the project was completed we did reorganize which baskets were on the top shelf and which were lower – based on our needs.

I would consider this closet makeover a success.

Everything has a spot, you can easily locate things when you need them, all like items are now stored in one central place near where they are used, it’s visually appealing, and the closet is Amelia proof.

The total cost was $36.21 and 4 hours of my time.

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