You Might Be a Podcast Junkie If . . .

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Hi, I’m Meg, and I’m a podcast junkie.

It’s true. I’m completely addicted to Podcasts.

I started listening to podcasts a few years ago, back when I had to download them onto my iPod. [It was a lot more work to listen to them then, but then I got an iPhone. I’ve only had a smartphone for two years] Two years ago I got an iphone (I was a complete hold out to the new technology), then I discovered the ease of downloading podcasts, and it was over.

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I have never looked back and quickly I became a podcast junkie. I listen to podcasts every day, everywhere.  I listen while getting ready in the morning  – of course thanks to my Oontz speaker. There aren ‘t many times I can’t incorporate a podcast into my daily life. I listen while exercising, driving for work, cleaning the house and cooking dinner.

Of course, I still have some times I listen to music (not many) and some times that I enjoy the quiet or when my family is around. However, the times in the day that many other people would watch television or listen to music, I am listening to a podcast.

Some of my podcasts are educational and informational, and some are just for fun and inspiration. It is amazing the sheer amount and variety of podcasts that exist. There truly is something for everyone.

So are you wondering if you are podcast junkie or not?

You might be a Podcast Junkie if:

  • You start most recommendations and stories to your friends with “I heard on podcast…..”

  • Your keep getting notifications on your phone about managing your storage and it has nothing to do with the pictures on your phone


  • You get excited when you realize your favorite podcasters have just dropped a new show into your feed (and you understand what that statement means)


  • You get giddy when you find a fellow podcast junkie because you can share your favorites and hopefully get some new recommendations


  • You have podcasts for every mood- serious, funny, informative


  • Your family and friends roll their eyes when you say the word “Podcast”


  • You have headphones ready everywhere, just in case there is some free time to listen to just a little bit more of your “show.”


  • You can’t remember the last time you watched television, but at the same time, you can’t remember the last day that didn’t involve at least a few minutes of podcast listening.


  • You get excited when you find out an amazing priest at a church you visit does a podcast. For real, I couldn’t believe it either.


  • You have ever needed to research a topic and thought, “I’m sure there is a podcast for that” and then found one.


  • You were listening to podcasts before Serial and Adnan Syed became pop culture.


  • You have converted people to listening to podcasts.


  • You have ever wanted to go to your favorite podcasters live show – even if it required a bit of traveling (Sadly, I already had plans that weekend, but someday, The Popcast, I’m coming)


  • You have ever paid extra to be a Patreon supporter, and you know what that means


For all of my fellow podcast junkies here are my favorite podcasts right now. I say right now because this list could change from week to week depending on my preferences. Remember I’m a nerd, so I geek out over business stuff too.

Sorta Awesome  (not just because the host’s name is Meg). This podcast is entertaining, educational at times, and just fun. It is geared towards moms of little ones.

The Popcast I don’t even know how to describe this one, but it is downright hilarious. I’m pretty sure I laugh out loud every week.

What Should I Read Next – If you are a lover of books, you absolutely must check this one out. Caution: your list of must read books will become so long you won’t be able to read them all in even one year.

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique- If you’re a female entrepreneur or want to be, this is the Podcast for you. She covers so many topics, and she is easy to listen to.

ProBlogger Podcast If you are a blogger, or want to become one, Darren Rowse has so much information to share. He has a blog as well, and many times after listening I have followed up with blog articles.


These are my favorites right now, but I have many more downloaded that I listen to weekly. If you too are a podcast junkie, then you absolutely MUST comment below with recommendations for me. I am always open to new ideas.

4 thoughts on “You Might Be a Podcast Junkie If . . .”

  1. One of my new favorites is NPR’s How I Built This. Guy Raz interviews all of these founders of products, businesses, movements…Rent the Runway, airbnb, Edible Arrangements…

    They’re just good interviews!

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