5 Tips for Cutting Down on the Morning Chaos

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coffee-1174199_1920I don’t know about your house, but at ours mornings tend to be a little chaotic.

Luckily, I am a morning person so I am awake before the rest of the house – which is awesome. On a good day I have an entire hour to hour and half before anyone else is awake to accomplish some very important things.

My morning time is for getting to those things that are non-negotiable. If they don’t happen in the morning, they may not happen once the busy day unfolds. For me that means—prayer, writing in my gratitude journal and working out.

Are mornings chaotic at your house?

Try these 5 tips for slowing things down and giving yourself a little breathing room.

  1. Pack lunches for everyone the night before
  2. Lay out clothes for the day-for all members of the family (for me this means both my workout clothes and my work clothes. I don’t want to wake Brian while trying to find my workout clothes and on a good day I can get my shower in before anyone wakes up)
  3.  Pack book bags, work bags, etc. the night before (all paperwork to go to work or school is already ready to go-no searching in the morning)
  4. Lay out outerwear (in the winter this is a bigger issue-boots, gloves, scarves, hats, coats)
  5. If you are feeling very ambitious you could set the table for breakfast. I have even heard of some people putting the dry cereal in bowls. At our house I haven’t found a need to do this yet. (Plus while we slept our dog would feast)

If you find that your mornings are out of control, try waking up a few minutes earlier. Being up before your family allows you to get a jump start on the day.

Are there any things that you do to help make your morning run smoothly?

I'd love to hear from you.

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