Never forget your weekly and monthly tasks again

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To-do list title imageI LOVE a to-do list.

I almost always have a daily to-do list. It might be scrawled on an old envelope, on a large Post-It, or most recently in my bullet journal, but a list is a constant.

to do list and bullet journal

Honestly, I think a to-do list is what helps me stay organized. I will confess I’m one of those crazy to-do list makers who has been known to write something on my list just to cross it off.

I get a natural high from crossing things off my list. I’m not alone in this obsession.

As a natural list maker, I have no problems with daily to-do’s, but as my life has gotten more hectic, I didn’t have a good way to keep track of monthly and weekly to-dos. These would be the things that should be getting done every week and month.

Confession time: This may be shocking to some of you, but there a lot of things that I am certain you do every month or even more frequently that I do not. We all have to prioritize, and some of my prioritization is probably questionable to a lot of you.

For instance, I do not change bed sheets in my house every week. Ha, I don’t even change them every month. I don’t sweep every day, even with small kids. I don’t clean all that often.

Some of this was bothering me, and I had seen a lot of great lists of things that should be done weekly and monthly for house/life maintenance. I loved the lists and even created a binder with personalized lists.

Guess what happened to that binder?

It ended up in a drawer and later on, a shelf never to be looked at again.


I then pulled the sheets out and hung them up on wall clipboard.

Guess what happened then?

Nothing, they looked pretty on the hanging clipboard, but still, nothing got done.

clipboard to-do list

I saw another idea on Pinterest that used a clipboard and pins on it. It seemed like a great idea, but even then I knew it wouldn’t work for me.

Then I came up with the perfect idea, the perfect location, and the ultimate solution to my problem.

I have a weekly and monthly to-do list permanently on my refrigerator.  I made it and had been using it for several weeks.

Here is why it works:

  • It is in a prominent location in our house that I go by countless times a day.
  • It can be reused weekly and monthly without much time or effort.
  • The cost to make it was minimal (I had all supplies on hand).
  • It is out of reach of small children who could tamper with its functionality.
  • It can be seen by all members of the house so anyone can do any of the tasks and quickly indicate completion.

refrigerator list

If you are going to make this in your home, you need to make sure you personalize the tasks. Maybe you want to change the bed sheets weekly, for me changing them monthly is a huge improvement. I have several magnets for editing, sorting and uploading pictures because that is an important task for me to do monthly to feel organized with my pictures.

You could certainly create a daily to-do list, but I knew in my life I didn’t need that.

Steps to making your weekly/monthly to-do list

  1. First, write out the tasks you want to be done weekly and monthly (feel free to use my list as a starting point) (If you don’t know what the Sunday Basket is be sure to check it out- it’s a game changer) Monthly to do list weekly to do list
  2. Get colored card stock. (I used two different colors one for weekly tasks and one for monthly tasks)
  3. Cut the card stock into a size that you can write on and easily see
  4. Write out the tasks on the card stock
  5. Laminate the cardstock (this will make it more durable and longer lasting)
  6. Place magnets on the cardstock
  7. Use colored duct tape to create your chart
  8. Finally, put everything on the refrigerator


If you are creating yours on a refrigerator be sure there isn’t a gap between your cabinet and the refrigerator – you could easily lose a magnet or two that way.

You could also create this on cardboard/poster board and use Velcro to make it reusable week after week.

As you try this method out, you may find there are some tasks that were weekly that could move to monthly, and you may need to add some new tasks as it goes. The idea is to keep it simple and only put the things that you want to make sure happen every week or month.


Bonus idea:

You can make a separate one for your kids to do as well. Theirs could be daily and weekly because they usually need more reminders about the things they have to do every day.  Children as young as two can have a daily to-do list. It will empower them because they get to decide when the items on it get done, and you’re happy because they get done by the end of the day.

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