New places to declutter in your home

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Congratulations, you’ve made it over halfway through the Lenten Declutter Challenge.

28 days are completed and only 18 to go.

For some of you the process is getting easier with each day. For others it’s becoming more challenging, because you don’t know how much more you can get purge.

Maybe you feel like you’ve decluttered everything you possibly can. If that’s the case, then you were probably living a very simplified life before this challenge started. I bet you if you really dig deep you can still complete this challenge.

For me it is getting harder each day to find more places to declutter. I want less stuff, but not so few things that I could live in one of those “tiny houses” that seem to be so popular with extreme minimalists these days.

I’m hoping that at this point you are seeing some major progress which is motivating you to keep going.

I have heard from several people that they have already decluttered 460 items, but are still going. (Mom and Dad!)

Great job!

For those of you that are struggling with what to declutter next consider these areas:

  • Dresser drawers and closets (I have revisited my dressers and closet two separate times to really simplify) (Do you need 14 old t-shirts?)
  • Kitchen utensils (Do you really need two pizza cutters? How about the broken spatula)
  • Junk drawer (I bet you can find at least 20 items in there you can get rid of)
  • Jewelry box (There are probably items in there you didn’t even know you still had- I found 3 watches and I don’t even wear one anymore)
  • Kitchen cupboards (Make sure all of your Tupperware has a bottom and lid. If it doesn’t it’s time to get rid of it. Do you really need that many cups and coffee cups?)
  • Garage (As the weather starts to get warmer it’s a great time to pull things out of the garage and do some purging)

I’m certain you have come across some items that have a lot of memories, but you don’t necessarily need to keep the item. I have run in quite a few races in the past few years and most of the shirts are very nice; however, how many dry-wick short sleeve or long sleeve shirts does one person need?

For me I wanted to remember the race so I took a picture of each of the shirts and then donated the shirts. Now I can put the picture of the shirt in my scrapbook and remember that race day fondly (or not so fondly depending on the race).

Megan's running shirts
Four of my running shirts that I donated after taking this picture
Cassidy is my very nostalgic child who would like us to keep absolutely everything she has ever done in school.

She is certain she will look back at it all when she is grown up. In fact she has looked back at the storage totes of her preschool-1st grade item several times. She loves these little trips down memory lane.

Getting rid of things in her room can be challenging; however, when I suggested we take a picture of her with some of the things she liked, but didn’t need to necessarily keep, she loved the idea.

Cassidy's items
A few of the items Cassidy threw away after getting her picture taken with them

What type of things are you holding on to in your house that a picture would suffice?


Take some times this week to find a new area to declutter. Perhaps you need to explore the ones I suggested above. Remember you’re over halfway done with this challenge. If you have been making your trips to the donation center and selling items, then you are probably feeling the freedom from stuff.


To date we’ve taken two car loads of stuff to our donation center and we’ve made $55 on items we’ve sold on Varage Sale.

I'd love to hear from you.

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