One Easy Way to Save Money on Diapers and Pull-ups

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One of the single largest expenses you will have after welcoming a new baby into your home is diapers. You will find yourself wondering how in the world one little person can go through so many diapers in a single day.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to save money on diapers.

There were times that I looked at my daughters and told them (not that they understood a word I was saying) that I was going to take the 25 cents per diaper from their college fund. It was most frustrating when you had just changed them and they dirtied a new diaper before you even finished putting it on.

You will start by buying newborn (or preemie if your baby is born early or just small like Amelia) then onto size 1 and 2 and 3 or even larger. As they get bigger the price per diaper or pull-up increases.

You’ll play the game of how much longer do I have to buy diapers. Okay, I’m going to stock up one last time and then I’m sure they will be fully potty-trained and I won’t need anymore, right?!?


As my girls got older I tried to rationalize with them.

They needed to be potty trained so that we could stop buying diapers and save money for our next vacation. It never worked.

Luckily, I did discover a good trick to save money on diapers early on with Cassidy and I’ve continued to save money for the 7 years I’ve had to buy diapers and/or pull-ups.

The key to save money on diapers is to stock up at the right time.

If you time it right you will have enough to get you through until the next stock up time. There were times at our house that we had 8+ boxes of diapers. If you buy in different sizes, or your child doesn’t grow very fast, you can justify having that many on hand. If you’re not sure about sizing, I would try not to have more than 4 boxes on hand at any given time.

Target frequently runs sales on baby items and that is when we stock up.

The best deal is you earn a $20 gift card with a baby department purchase of $100 or more.

If you buy four jumbo boxes of diapers at $24.99/each and one small package of Up & Up wipes at $1.69 you have reached your $100.

When you check out you will receive a $20 gift card towards your next purchase.

That price is okay, but not great. The key to big savings on diapers is to use manufacturer coupons, Target coupons, and Cartwheel.

Using my coupon clipping for ordinary moms strategy I can quickly locate the coupons for the brand of diapers we like to buy. ******

I then check my small coupon folder to see if I have received any diaper coupons from Target. As long as it says “Target Coupon” I can use it along with a manufacturer coupon. The final area to check is Target Cartwheel. Cartwheel may have Target and/or Manufacturer coupons. Clip any and all of them. For each box/package of diapers you buy you can use one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon.

Be sure you have the $20 gift card with $100 baby purchase coupon in your Cartwheel as well.  Then when you check out you present all coupons. Also have the checker scan Cartwheel and you’ll leave the store saving money and a $20 Target gift card.

Our most recent stock up yielded the following:

270 pull-ups and 1 package of Up & Up diapers for $65 (paid $85 and received a $20 gift card)

This comes out to $0.234/pull-up.  The original price would have been $0.37/pull-up

If you have enough coupons, you can do two or more separate transactions to earn multiple gift cards. Depending on how many children you have at home in diapers this might be what you need to do. The most I have ever done is two transactions with eight boxes of diapers in one day.

You could potentially get diapers cheaper if you buy the Up & Up brand, but I am willing to pay a little extra for the brands I prefer. The $20 gift card with a $100 baby item purchase does not specify brands.

Before you stock up too much, be sure you know that the brand of diapers you are stocking up on doesn’t give your child a rash. Some kids have reactions to certain brands of diapers. If you are not sure how quickly your child may grow into the next size of diaper, save your receipt. You can exchange sizes if needed.

Be sure to check to see if the diapers you are buying have coupons on Ibotta. You could potentially save even more money. If time is not an issue for you, you may want to participate in Pampers Gifts to Grow or Huggies Rewards program.

How could you not love the diapers that let you know with a blue line when your baby is wet?!

*****We are not completely brand loyal so if there aren’t coupons for one brand I’ll check for the other one. However, I prefer Pampers swaddlers for newborn and size 1. Then Huggies for all other sizes. Huggies Pull-ups are easier to deal with if there is a poop accident since they have easy open sides. Pampers easy-ups aren’t bad though, especially when you’re mostly dealing with overnight pee accidents.

We did use Up & Up brand for a year with Cassidy, but they tend to sag and make a toddler look like they have a soggy diaper all the time. We have tried and didn’t really like Luvs.

If you have other tips to save money on diapers, be sure to share them in the comments.

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  1. Great tips! Yes it’s totally worth it buying stock up prices like this at Target or Meijer does similar deals sometimes too. Store brands either leaked or gave my kids rashes. 🙂

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