7 tips for purging clothes inspired by the KonMari method

7 tips for purging clothes perfect pin

I hate clutter ( I know shocker),

I purge items from my house often—sometimes even perfectly well functioning microwaves, (I still hear about that one) but one place I struggle with simplifying is in my closet and dresser drawers.

Until now.

I’ve read all sorts of ideas in magazines, on blogs, and Pinterest, yet I never purged enough until The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I will admit I’m not even done reading her book. However I decided to read the part on clothes and start there. There are definitely pieces of her book that were a little weird—I’m not too worried about my socks’ feelings, but her method is what made my closet go from overflowing to spacious. Our house was built in 1949 so my closet is tiny, in fact it measures 26 x 38.


Stairway Clutter: Eliminate it FOREVER

stairway clutter imageHot spots.

Have you heard of them?

After extensive walking or running you can develop a hot spot. It occurs when a particular spot on your foot continually encounters friction of some sort and a blister forms. If you ignore it, the blister becomes bigger—annoying and painful to both the touch and to look at.

Similar to a hot spot on our skin we all have hot spots in our houses.

That one or two or maybe even more spots where stuff tends to accumulate. The spot, if ignored, gets bigger, more annoying, painful to look at, and overwhelming to deal with.

One of my family’s hot spots is the stairs going to the 2nd floor of our house.

Cassidy’s bedroom is upstairs as well as our office. Any time we have something that needs to go upstairs we just throw it on the stairs. The idea is that every time you go up you should be carrying something with you—ha that’s laughable. U everyone climbs over the stuff to get upstairs or already has their hands full before they even get to the pile.


Quick Fix for toys and socks left out

clothes-line-826077_1920 Am I the only one who has family members with sock issues?

My socks reside in my sock drawer, the hamper or the laundry basket when they are waiting to be  sorted. I have three other members in my family and that is not the case for their socks.  I’ll give the youngest, Amelia a break. I mean she is only 20 months old, but the other two receive no such breaks.

My socks reside in my sock drawer, the hamper or the laundry basket when they are waiting to be  sorted. I have three other members in my family and that is not the case for their socks.  I’ll give the youngest, Amelia a break. I mean she is only 20 months old, but the other two receive no such breaks.

I get so sick of finding a sock in a couch cushion, a sock on a table (eww gross!) a sock on the stairs, a sock under the chair. It seems there are socks everywhere in my house. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this happens and how I managed to get 3 people who leave socks everywhere.

I came up with a solution and it is working relatively well. If I find a sock you lose a toy…and this is even true for Brian. Now it’s gotten to the point that I can say, “hmm I wonder what toy I’ll take today,” and Cassidy comes running to where I am to find her discarded sock. Try it at your house and see if it works.

Do you have any little tricks like this that you use?

6 Steps to Organizing Digital Pictures Forever

6 tips

I have a lot of pictures.

I am a scrapbooker.

Pictures are important to me.

I am an organizer.

Therefore my pictures (thousands of them) need to be organized on my computer, on my photo printing website and in hard copy.

If you don’t already organize your pictures or are looking for some other ideas you have come to the right place. The steps below are how I organize both pictures on my computer and on Snapfish, which is the site I use to print my pictures from for my scrapbooks.


Perpetual Calendars, never forget an important date again

perpetual calendarDo you know anyone who always seems to remember your birthday?

And I mean even before Facebook reminds them of it?

Have you ever wondered how they did it?

I’m not sure how they do it, but I know how I do it and I am willing to share my secret with you.

It’s called a perpetual calendar.

I have a pretty good memory and can usually remember what month someone’s birthday is in. However if you are not my immediate family I am likely to forget the actual date. This is where a perpetual calendar becomes useful.

A perpetual calendar is a small calendar that only has dates on it with blank lines next to the dates. You only put things on there that never change dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If you can’t remember Christmas or New Year’s you could put those on there, but forget about all the other holidays they change yearly.

Our perpetual calendar has all of our family member’s birthdays with birth year (it helps so we can tell when a big birthday 40, 50, etc. is coming up) and their anniversaries with year of marriage. Of course, we have many friends’ birthdays on there too.


Earn Extra Money from Home with a Virtual Garage Sale

varage sale

You can sell your stuff and search for deals without ever leaving your house.

No price stickers, tables or yard sale signs and the money is left right at your door while you slowly declutter your house.

In 10 months we have made $288 on Varage Sale for our family and $475 on sales from baby/maternity gear.

Varage Sale is simply a virtual garage sale app.

It makes it easier to search for specific items at garage sale prices and to sell your gently, or not so gently used items without the hassle that comes with having a garage sale.

Often times you can get higher prices on Varage Sale because people are usually searching for a specific item and are more willing to pay a higher price when they find it.

It cuts down on the amount of work on their part to find a good deal. Also, at garage sales unless you have the exact right person come to your garage sale that is seeking out your items it is more impulse buying.

I love deal shopping and buying things gently used. It saves me money and cuts down on waste in the world. However, I actually hate garage sales.


Why I hate going to garage sales

  • I struggle with feeling guilty for walking through a garage sale and not making a purchase. I don’t want to offend the person because I didn’t like their stuff. Yes, I know ridiculous I’m just being honest. Luckily, I overcome this guilt and don’t usually make a guilt purchase
  • I often times find myself buying things I don’t need—yes I’m a victim of impulse shopping because of the great prices
  • It is rare that I am able to visit a garage sale without my two helpers. This means unloading kids from the car and putting one in a stroller. Sometimes it takes longer to do that than it does to walk through the garage sale.
  • When you have kids with you they inevitably will find treasures they must have, and of course they are only $1 or worse yet FREE.

Why I hate having a garage sale

  • It requires so much work to price and set up a garage sale
  • You rely on the weather to be nice or all your work is for nothing
  • Your house and garage become messier as you prepare for a garage sale
  • Clean-up post garage sale seems to last for weeks
  • You have to shield your children from what you may be selling. They always fall back in love with those toys that they haven’t even touched in years. (Quick trick we’ve used when this happens. Cassidy is allowed to save something from the garage sale, but she must part with at least one other item to do so)
  • You have to spend at least two days of your life just sitting at a garage sale waiting for people to come and shop
Now with Varage Sale I can get all the benefits of deal shopping at garage sales without having to deal with all the reasons I hate garage sales.


Everydollar.com budgeting tool – follow-up

everydollar fundsIn my initial post about budgeting I strongly recommended trying out everydollar.com and I provided 10 tips for starting your budget with it.

As I was enjoying Easter dinner my sister, the one who loved it, dropped this bomb on me.

“Oh yeah, I don’t love it anymore and stopped using it.”

My jaw dropped. I was shocked. My immediate response was, “well then I’ve lied on my blog, because I said you love it.

What happened?”

I could not understand why she didn’t like it. After discussing I realized a huge point I did not make in my article about creating an everydollar budget.


The one item I left out and forgot to explain was funds.


Debt Snowball Progress – March

debt snowball-marchAs we work through paying off our debt we, unfortunately, are not immune to emergencies. However, as I have mentioned before, these emergencies no longer put me into crisis mode, because we have some financial freedom. This month one of our cars needed new breaks, pads, rotors— $400 later it was safe to drive again.

We already allot a set amount towards car repairs each month (an example of one of our funds) so most of this money was already sitting in our car repair line item.  However, we did not have $400 in that account so it did impact how much money we had extra this month towards our emergency fund.


Hack your drawer- see all your clothes at once

hack your drawers

Do you find that you tend to wear the same shirts or pants in your dresser over and over again? Sometimes you may even wonder where your favorite shirt went. I bet if you look it’s probably hidden in your dresser drawer underneath all of the other clothes. So how can this problem be fixed?

Is there a better way to organize clothes?

The way that most people put clothes away in their dresser drawer is to put one item down and then lay the others on top of that until they can’t fit any more if they want to close the drawer.

That is exactly how I put my clothes away too—until 3 years ago that is.

I really don’t even remember where I came across my new way of organizing my dresser drawers, but I saw it and decided I should give it a try.

So instead of laying shirts down on top of each other, you fold them like normal

(it doesn’t matter what normal is too you – my husband and I strongly disagree on this one)

DSC_0018 (8)

DSC_0002 (2)

Just fold them the way you used to when you put them in the drawer on top of each other.

DSC_0019 (8)






Then fold them in half again.

DSC_0020 (8)        DSC_0009

Then put them in rows.

If you want to see the shirt’s graphic, manipulate your fold appropriately.

You will find that you have more room in your drawer AND that you can see all of the shirts at one time. Now instead of wearing the same shirts over and over again you may choose different ones because they are all equally visible.

That favorite shirt of yours will no longer be missing (well unless you really did misplace it).

Our dresser drawers are shallow so depending on the size of the shirt it may require an extra fold, but most new dressers would not require that.

This process of folding and sorting also works for shorts, pants and pajamas. I completely overhauled my dresser drawers and have not gone back.

A question I have been asked many times is what happens when there are less items of clothing in there; don’t the piles fall forward or mess up?

This has potential to happen; however, usually the other shirts will just spread out a bit and not fall.

Also, I find that we (okay really it’s Brian) do laundry enough that I don’t ever have an almost empty dresser drawer.

DSC_0023 (8)

The whole process can take you less than 30 minutes. While you are folding each item to put them back in the drawer consider whether you want to keep the item as well.

You may find this is helpful in ridding yourself of clothes you may not love or wear anymore.

Spend 30 minutes and then give it a week to see if you like it.

The worst thing that can happen is you don’t love it and you spend 30 minutes and go back to your old way of doing things.

Best thing that can happen is you love the new way, you find yourself wearing more of your clothes and spending less time searching for clothing items when you are getting ready.