Our Journey to Financial Freedom

financial freedom-our journey

I like money!

Okay, phew I said it.

Sometimes it feels wrong to admit that, but it’s true, I want financial freedom.

To me financial freedom is never caring when payday is because you have enough money in your accounts to cover your bills, it’s having no debt, it’s saving money to go on family vacations, it’s the ability to give to causes and people that we care about.

I would love to someday be that person who has money and gives generously everywhere. I’d love to give anonymously to families in need locally. I don’t want recognition for my giving, but I want to see that the money I am giving is directly impacting people. These goals are what keep me on track financially.

We’ve had a budget since the day we were married and boy, has that budget changed over the years.


Debt Snowball Update-January

debt snowball january

A debt snowball is when you list all of your debts smallest to largest (regardless of interest rate) and begin paying as much as you can toward the smallest debt. Once that debt is paid you put the amount you were paying on that first debt, plus any extra money you have toward the second debt. You continue this until you have all of your debts paid off. Like a snowball gets bigger as you add snow, the amount of money you are putting towards debt grows as you pay off each debt.