Quick clean-up

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quick clean up

Dinner is done and you’ve been going nonstop since you got home, and now you notice “IT.”

The kitchen is a disaster from cooking, lunches need to be packed, toys are strewn about the house.

Wait, is that a pair of underwear on the floor?

Socks in the couch cushions?

Shoes everywhere?

What happened to this house?

Does this happen in your house, or just mine?

It feels so overwhelming and you’re just tired from a long day. All you really want to do is put on some comfy clothes, sit down and read a book, watch tv or something that requires no movement or brain power.

We’ve all been there. Many of us nightly. I heard this statement a few months ago: you have to brush your teeth every single day, but we don’t complain about that. Then why do we complain about our house needing to be picked up or cleaned.

There are some things that just have to be done and can be done in minutes a day.

That statement has really resonated with me.

I decided that I needed to shift my view of this mess and realize it’s just a brief part of every day and if I do a little everyday it’s not overwhelming anymore. It’s just a matter of a quick clean-up and nothing more.

We started setting the timer for 5-10 minutes every night and we all pick up.

It’s amazing what a kid will do when you make it a game.

Some nights it’s just me and the girls because Brian is working, but the nights that he is home we accomplish even more. Most nights during our quick clean-up we can have the entire living room and hallway picked up, dining room table cleared and dishes done in 10 minutes.

The feeling of relief when it’s done is amazing.

Don’t tackle this alone, your whole family should be involved.

They all helped to make the mess.

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