Set Up a Donation and Resale Station

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Every home should have a donation and possibly resale station.


Because every home has excess stuff that needs to be dealt with.

No matter how often we declutter our homes and donate items, it is a never-ending process.

There will always be things your family “outgrows,” whether it is clothes, toys or items around the house. Our tastes and needs change over time.

The sooner you recognize and accept this, the sooner you deal with your household clutter.

You need to set up a donation/resale station in your home.

This is a spot where all items that you are donating or selling (varage sale, Craigslist, LetGo, eBay, etc.) are stored.

Technically, it is probably two separate areas: one for donations and one for items you are selling.

Some of you may decide that it is not worth it for you to sell items and you just want them out of your house as fast as you can. Another factor in determining whether you should have a resale station is the amount of free space you have in your home.

We are fortunate to have a large storage area in our basement with nice, heavy duty shelves.

Our family both donates and sells items.

We have the space for both stations and we are actively working our debt snowball. Selling our old stuff helps eliminate debt faster.

Depending on the perceived value of the item we will either sell or donate items. If it can be listed fairly easily, we think someone would buy it, and we can list it for at least $3; we will try to sell it.

In our basement, we have a shelf, sometimes two, of items that are being sold. There is a spot for the items to go that need to be listed and then a place for them once they are listed. I try to post the items online within a week or two. Otherwise, they are just taking up space.

Remember the goal here is to eliminate clutter, not relocate it within our house.

If the items would sell for less than $3, are not likely to sell, or are too much work to sell, we donate them. I also periodically go through our items listed for sale and either reduce the price or donate them. The point is to make some extra money, but not hold on to things forever. I’m not running a store.

We do not have garage sales anymore so we don’t need to keep items for that. However, if you hold garage sales yearly, you may keep your sale items longer for that purpose.

Selling your items can be a great way to work on your debt snowball or save for a fun vacation or new car. We even incorporate the kids into the excitement of decluttering and making extra money. Cassidy is more motivated to part with toys she doesn’t play with anymore if she knows she gets to keep the money and put it toward something she is saving for.

The key to setting up your donation station is to put it someplace easy to access.

We have our donation station on our three seasons porch.

We did this because it is on the way out of the house, which is where we want our donations headed. It is easily accessible, and everyone knows where it is.

You don’t want to have to carry things up to an attic or down to a basement just to have to go back and carry them up or down to go to the car eventually.

The closer your donation station is to the exit of your house the better. A screened in porch or a hall closet work great.

The second key to a successful donation station is actually getting around to doing the donating.

You need to set up times – I suggest monthly – to visit your favorite donation sites (i.e., Goodwill, Salvation Army, pregnancy centers, churches, food pantry, etc.).

A donation station is only useful if you empty it routinely. Put an appointment on your calendar once a month to drop off donations – twice a month if you think it is necessary.

The drop-off should be relatively easy. While you are running your other errands, swing by your favorite donation station and drop off the boxes.

Another way we donate items is through the curbside pickup. Our local AmVets does curbside pick-up several times a year. If we get the postcard that they are going to be doing a drop-off soon, I will just postpone my next in town drop-off and put the things to the curb. It can’t get much easier than a curbside pick-up.

So if you have clutter you need to eliminate you NEED to set up your donation and resale station today. You can have them set up in  just a matter of moments at absolutely no cost to you.

Grab an empty box or free shelf and designate them as your donation and resale stations.


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