Stairway Clutter: Eliminate it FOREVER

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stairway clutter imageHot spots.

Have you heard of them?

After extensive walking or running you can develop a hot spot. It occurs when a particular spot on your foot continually encounters friction of some sort and a blister forms. If you ignore it, the blister becomes bigger—annoying and painful to both the touch and to look at.

Similar to a hot spot on our skin we all have hot spots in our houses.

That one or two or maybe even more spots where stuff tends to accumulate. The spot, if ignored, gets bigger, more annoying, painful to look at, and overwhelming to deal with.

One of my family’s hot spots is the stairs going to the 2nd floor of our house.

Cassidy’s bedroom is upstairs as well as our office. Any time we have something that needs to go upstairs we just throw it on the stairs. The idea is that every time you go up you should be carrying something with you—ha that’s laughable. U everyone climbs over the stuff to get upstairs or already has their hands full before they even get to the pile.

As I was scouring stores to find storage for our linen closet, I came across these cute and simple bins that were the perfect size for our steps. They were only a dollar each at The Dollar Tree.

They won’t hold much, which is actually perfect.


I did make pretty labels for them so no one can claim they didn’t know whose was whose. Plus I like pretty labels.

The idea is that when they get full, or every night whichever comes first, they must be taken upstairs and everything in them put away so they can be brought back downstairs. For my daughter this means probably two trips a day. Mine and Brian’s bucket is only paperwork and office things going upstairs so one trip a day is usually sufficient.

Items that are too big to fit in those bins they need to be taken upstairs immediately because they have no business causing a walking hazard on the stairs.

It’s a simple $2 solution for a hot spot that has been a problem in our house for 7 years.

It makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it earlier.

stairway baskets

Take a moment to think about what your hot spots are and what you could possibly do to start keeping them clear.

Maybe it means designating a time of day to clear it and not going to bed at night unless it is clear.

I guarantee it will feel good to see the hot spot cleared and the repetitive nature of clearing it every night will either become habit or you’ll be motivated to find a solution, once and for all.

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