Thank God for Grace

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Ever had one of those weeks that you just needed to be given a lot of grace.

A week where it seemed like you were losing it more than you weren’t.

A week where you continually lost your patience with everyone and everything.

A week where you wanted to get yourself under control, but just didn’t know how.


If you have, you are in good company.

The first step is recognizing it and then apologizing to all of those around you. I’m betting you weren’t the easiest person to live with during that week.

Usually there are two new blog posts every week and I have an editorial calendar (shocking) that outlines which posts are coming which day and I work weeks in advance on them (again shocking).

Well I have posts that were set to go out this week, but they will have to wait because I got behind. They are written, but not edited and have no images.

Plus I felt like if I’m being real on this blog then I better share the very real Meg from this past week – spoiler alert she wasn’t pretty! [editor’s note: she’s always pretty] I wasn’t, but it’s nice that my husband lies to get points!

This week there is only one new post because I’m giving myself a much needed break to refuel and get back on track.

July in our house is very similar to the month of December.

It’s an expensive month, it’s a busy month, and it feels very chaotic at times.

July in our house means the 4th of July, my birthday, our anniversary, a family reunion weekend, and both girls’ birthdays.

Like I said a busy, expensive and chaotic month. Now cheap frugal Meg doesn’t go over the top on birthdays or anniversaries, but with a birthday party, gifts and travel it adds up.

With everydollar though we are able to prepare so these expenses don’t catch us by surprise.

This particular July I was down and out sick for a week at the beginning of the month. This meant I got behind on everything around the house for a week. Then the week of the girls’ birthdays and party Brian was sick for a week. Which meant I was on my own in party prep and child care for the week. (Shout out to single moms, I have no idea how you do it every day).

Needless to say I’m quite ready to put July 2016 in the books.


Arriving back from the family reunion weekend late Monday evening is when the crazy week began. Brian had started to feel sick during the weekend and it continually got worse.

He ended up visiting Urgent Care and the doctor 3 different times that week before finally figuring out what was going on and getting medication to make things better.

I worked all week and our house was not what I would consider clean enough to host a party.

My to-do list kept growing longer and longer the more I walked around the house.

Rational Brian reviewed my list. He decided some of the things on there were not priorities and could be scratched if time ran out.

I suppose he’s right.

Did our guests notice that the basement and 2nd floor stairs weren’t vacuumed?

Probably not, and if you did it’s okay to lie to me.

Was it a big deal that the sidewalks and driveway weren’t swept to near perfect standards?

I’m sure I’m the only one that noticed that.


So, yes Brian was right [editor’s note: as always] my list may have been a little over the top.

I can admit –now that I’m not in the midst of that breakdown week—that perhaps I went a little crazy. Honestly, I wish Brian wasn’t right so much of the time, it really gives him a big head.

Somehow the important things got cleaned, the food got prepared, the cakes got made and decorated, and the party happened.

cassidy cake           amelia cake

We even were able to relax and spend the majority of Amelia’s birthday (the day before)  doing fun things that Amelia likes to do – eating, playing at the park, water play, etc.

And I was calm and ready for the party thanks in part to a 7 mile run with a friend the morning of the party.

Don’t be fooled though. In the middle of that week while Brian was miserable and the house was messy and the kids were crying I switched back and forth between yelling/crying and manic cleaning.

It was not pretty and I’m certain our neighbors saw a new side of me – one that really should be kept hidden.

I decorated the cakes on Friday night while listening to podcasts, one of my favorite things to do. One of my favorite podcasts, and one that I recommend often is “Sorta Awesome.” This particular episode (#18) “Host an Awesome Party” was very timely.  Pure chance (or perhaps divine intervention) that this is the episode that played that night but I needed to hear it at that exact moment. The very next day Brian and I even found ourselves paraphrasing pieces from it to each other. In the

Pure chance (or perhaps divine intervention) that this is the episode that came on that night. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

The very next day Brian and I even found ourselves paraphrasing pieces from it to each other. In the episode it talked about the importance of not having a perfect party.

People are more comfortable if the party and house aren’t perfect.

Sorta AwesomeI’m here to tell you this party was not perfect *the toilet handle broke among other things. However for the most part I remained relaxed (I still struggle with the amount of people, the noise and hostessing just naturally stresses me out), and it appeared everyone had fun.

After a brief clean-up, some time to just sit and decompress I headed to bed at 8 pm. (Oh did I mention during the week we also had the “opportunity” to get up multiple times on consecutive nights to spend with each of our daughters – yes, I was tired). I had to get some sleep because the next day was a fun-filled day to celebrate Cassidy’s actual birthday.

This is the crazy fun you get when your kids are born two days apart. At least it’s only one crazy, birthday party a year.

If you’ve ever had this kind of week where you lost it or really just spend the entire week in a state of lost, it’s okay.

Recognize what happened and ask for grace from those around you. It’s those closest to you that you probably took out all your frustration and anger on. I’m thankful my family has forgiven me for the crazy person I was this week.


*Side note: during the party the only working toilet broke, but Brian Mcgyvered a fix to get us through the party, it was a heat wave so everyone stayed in our not so large house for the air conditioning, and the pasta wasn’t done cooking until 30 minutes after the rest of the food, but we just turned it into a multiple course party. It all worked out and everyone left with party favors of leftover pasta!

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