The One Key to Successful Decluttering

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So, you’ve decided to start decluttering your home or maybe you are joining our 46 day challenge.

There is ONE thing you absolutely must do before you start.

In fact, this is the most important step in determining if you will be successful at decluttering.

You must……………………


Have a “staging” area.


A what?!?

A place where all of the “treasures” you have decided to remove from your home will go while in transit to their final resting place.

Every item that you decide no longer deserves to stay in your home will either be put in the garbage, donated or sold.

If you do not have a place for the items to go as you make this decision, then it is a wasted effort.

Depending on the size of your home and available space this may be as simple as a box or as big as a shelf in your basement.

You need to have a box or shelf for the following two categories:



And then you need to have a garbage bag or box.

Some of you may not need a sell box at all.  You need to decide if you have the time to sell the items and the space to store them until they sell. Selling your old stuff is a great way to earn a little extra money (think pay off debt).  We have used varage sale, garage sales and craigslist to sell items in the past with much success.

We now have a rule that if we don’t think it will sell for more than $3 it’s not worth our time to list anywhere.

As for donations, the biggest challenge is that if you don’t have a plan the items pile up and never make it to your donation center. I recommend scheduling an appointment on your calendar that repeats every other week (at least) to drop off any donations.

This way, the boxes for donations won’t take over your house, you are certain they are actually leaving your house, and your children don’t start to unpack them (I may have had experience with purged items making it back into our home this way – old baby shoes that no longer fit are very hard for Amelia to part with).

(the donations that sat in the back of my car for over a week- oops)


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