Three Simple Solutions for Clutter

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Why do you have clutter?

The million dollar question, right?

No, not really.  There is a simple answer.

You have clutter because you put off making decisions and you don’t have good systems in place.

I bet it’s not because you actually like clutter, and if it is then stop reading. You don’t need my help.

Think about it.

That pile of papers and miscellaneous items in your kitchen, what is all that?

I bet it is all papers that you put there because you didn’t know what to do with them.

Maybe some require action be taken, and you didn’t have time to do the action right away. Maybe some you weren’t sure if you should keep and others, well, you simply got distracted. You set them down and never returned to figure out what they were or where they were going.

If you are not a successful minimalist – and I argue some of them still struggle too – you will always have clutter.

It is what and how you deal with the clutter that will determine how messy and unorganized your home is.

I have three simple solutions to help you get started managing and eliminating clutter. Say goodbye to the piles of stuff and chaos around your house that are constantly overwhelming you.

Take back your home from the claws of clutter with these three quick systems:

Sunday basket 

You have heard me talk about the Sunday basket before because I cannot recommend it enough. It is the one system that has most drastically changed our cluttered lives. This system has single-handedly kept us so organized that we are never searching for important, time-sensitive paperwork anymore.

Seriously, the whole family knows what the Sunday basket is, where it is, what goes in there and what can be found in it.

If you decide to do nothing else to better organize your family, I suggest you do this one. You can have your very own Sunday basket started and ready to go in one afternoon for less than $20. You may even have all the supplies lying around your house already. The basket is completely customizable to your family’s needs. You owe it to yourself to take the time to learn about and start your own Sunday basket.

Donation Station and Resale Station

Recently I shared what a donation/resale stations are and how you set them up and manage them. Creating both a donation and resale station will greatly impact the success you have with decluttering your home.

The location and how often you remove items from those stations are also key to how effective they are. There is no cost to this system, and in fact, it can earn you money if you start reselling (i.e., Varage Sale, Craigslist, eBay, LetGo, etc.) some of the items you are purging from your home. What a great way to work on that debt snowball  or save for something fun.

Stairway boxes

This was the simplest solution that took me seven years to figure out. Yes seriously seven years and with just $2 I solved one of the most cluttered and annoying areas of our house. The stairs going up to our second floor were always, and I mean ALWAYS, cluttered with things.

There were times I was not even able to safely navigate the stairs because there were so many hazards on them. It’s amazing that none of us fell and broke an ankle.

Our stairs were one of our hot spots, and with $2.13 (total with tax) we were able to solve this problem, give me my sanity back and improve the safety of our stairs. You too can eliminate stairway clutter with just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time. If you find that you are routinely putting things on your stairs instead of immediately walking them up, then this system is for you.

Remember how I said that the reason you have clutter is that you are avoiding making decisions about stuff and you don’t have systems in place.

With these three systems in place that will not be a problem anymore.

You can immediately decide where something goes – paperwork goes in certain pockets in the Sunday basket or sent to the office, items you are getting rid of go to the resale station or the donation station, and items to go upstairs have a bucket instead of just cluttering your stairs.

There are much more ways to deal with clutter in our homes. However, cluttering your mind with too many ideas will guarantee you try none of them.

To be successful at managing clutter, you need to start simply and focus.

Stop searching on Pinterest and try one of these three simple ideas and see what you think. Once you have one of them down and working, do the next. I highly suggest starting with the Sunday basket.  I feel strongly that paper clutter is the biggest problem for families and once it is under control, you will feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment.

Tackle your paper clutter, and I know you will feel like an invincible superwoman because you are!

I have many more ideas, but I feel strongly that these three will have the biggest impact on your ability to declutter your home. Once you start to see some success you will feel more in control and able to tackle even more.

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