ME Time a Necessity, Not a Luxury

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me time

Me time…..what is that?

It is quite possibly the most important thing you can give yourself, yet the thing that you probably neglect the most.

Me time is that time just for you. No family, no responsibilities. It is your time to do what you like to do—not what needs to be done, but what you enjoy.

I bet many of you are laughing at me for even mentioning something as ridiculous as “me time.” How is that possible when I have kids, a partner, a job, a house to clean, errands to run, meals to make, and on and on?

It is possible—if you plan ahead and recognize the value in it.

It is absolutely crucial to your well-being that you allow yourself “me time” every day. I’m not saying that every day you have to set aside 1 hour for yourself, though that is ideal. I know that is not possible for most people. However, I bet you can find 15 minutes. (I argue that 15 minutes should be the minimum daily requirement.) You should also try to include at least an hour on the weekends.

Me time allows you a chance to unplug from your daily roles and responsibilities. It allows you a chance to reconnect with who you are, what makes you happy and pursue your hobbies.

Someday, the busy life you are leading right now won’t be so busy. The kids will grow up which will have quite the ripple effect—less cleaning, less cooking, fewer errands, no chauffeuring. When that happens, what will you do? Do you have hobbies? How will you spend all that free time?

While your most important role may be parent, spouse, employee…there will come a day when that role is not nearly as demanding as it is today. My “me time” in addition to maintaining my sanity today is an investment in my future. It allows me the opportunity to see myself recognize my interests and passions.

How to get “me time”

  • Do it right away in the morning before anyone else in the house gets up. This way you won’t forget about it and you will be free of distractions created by other people. This may require you to wake up a bit earlier and go to bed earlier. What better incentive to get into bed at a reasonable time than knowing you have a date with yourself in the morning.
  • Do it right after the kids go to bed
  • If you are working away from home use your lunchtime.
  • If you are working from home , what about during the kid’s nap time or afternoon quiet time. This could mean everyone has 30 minutes to an hour in their room to read, relax, play alone. No bothering anyone else during their alone time. This is also a great habit to teach children about the importance of down time.

My own list of ways I spend my me time is not long, but I also don’t have much me time daily. There are many more things I would like to do, but at this stage of my life they are not feasible. As the kids get older I see myself volunteering more, taking classes to learn things—I want to learn to play golf, tennis and speak Spanish

Currently how I spend my me time:

  • Reading books for fun and personal development
  • Scrapbooking
  • Work out classes
  • Running
  • Organizing (maybe once it’s a full-time job I won’t find this as relaxing)
  • Talking to family or friends
  • Book club

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