Two Amazingly Simple Uses for Pillowcases

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Pillowcases have simplified my life.

And they can simplify yours too.

I am not kidding either.

I know two amazing uses for pillowcases that may change your life.

Okay, it might not change your life, but it will most certainly make life a little bit easier.

One use is for cleaning, and one is for storing.

  1. Cleaning – more specifically cleaning ceiling fans.

    ceiling fan

If you are like me, you don’t get around to cleaning your ceiling fans very often. In fact, I get around to it once I start to notice the dust accumulating on them. Or worse yet when the dust starts flying off the blades when turning it on for the first time in the summer.


If you clean yours more regularly, that is great, and perhaps you won’t need this trick as much as the rest of us who have layers of dust accumulating.


Now if you clean as “often” as I do then you know there are a lot of dust particles that float around the house after cleaning the fan. It doesn’t matter if I use the Swiffer wand, a rag, etc. there always seems to be loose dust – until now.

Here is what you will do with your pillowcase:

Climb on a stepstool and open up the pillowcase like you are putting a pillow inside.

Put the pillowcase on the fan blade as if the fan blade is the pillow and wipe towards you.

Now you have collected all of that dust into the pillowcase instead of setting it flying around the room.

Continue this for each blade.

Once that is done, you can shake the dust in a garbage can, outside, or just throw it all in the wash.

You may choose to follow up with your cleaning spray of choice.

Voila, you have a nice clean fan and did not make dust fly all around the house.


  1. Storage – more specifically storing your sets of sheets.

Most of us struggle to keep our linen closets clean and tidy. I’m not sure if it’s because family members don’t know how to put things away or the items in a linen closet don’t naturally store easily.

Regardless, this next trick is going to help problem solve your linen closet. If you have figured out the perfect way to fold a fitted sheet excellent. That’s a feat in itself. Once you have folded your sheets, even if they aren’t perfect, you place them on top of one another along with one of your pillowcases – assuming you have two for the set.

You then slide your sheets and the extra pillowcase into the other opened pillowcase.

You now have a pillowcase that holds an entire sheet set , which will be much easier to store in your linen closet. It will be easier to pull out one entire set of sheets in the future as well.

You now have two amazingly simple new uses for your pillowcases that may just change your life a little bit. I promise you it will save you some time and hassle.

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